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Changing Perspectives on Disabled People

As a NSLI-Y summer scholar in China, Nathan not only made long-lasting friendships, learned about the education system in China, and perfected his Chinese language skills; he showed people in another country what disabled people could do. Here, he shares why he applied for the program, some of the positive experiences he had and some of the challenges he faced in China as someone who is legally blind, and what he accomplished and learned while there.

The best experience I had overall with this program just was a chance to show people in the rest of the world what disabled people could do… the fact that I was able to open their eyes to a certain extent was very gratifying, and I would just love it if more disabled kids had the opportunity to go to other places and really get a chance to share their stories, make lifelong friends and change the perceptions of others regarding disabled people.

– Nathan, NSLI-Y China, Summer

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