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Group picture of NSLI-Y AY students in Korea

Posted On November 21, 2017By Signe KnutsonIn Korean

Re-Thinking Our Emotional State Abroad: Part 2

Claire pictured with her Korean language supporter

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Re-Thinking Our Emotional State Abroad: Part 1

Opening slide of virtual event presentation

Posted On October 17, 2017By Signe KnutsonIn Korean

Learning Korean – October 17, 2017 8:30 AM (EST)

On October 17, three current students from the 2017-2018 NSLI-Y Academic Year program in Seoul, South Korea connected with two Korean language classrooms in Virginia to talk about Korean language learning strategies. The NSLI-Y students gave presentations to the students in the U.S. and the students in the U.S. had the opportunity to ask the NSLI-Y students questions. We invite you to watch the recording of the event! Please note that some of the presentations are conducted in Korean. Interested in having your classroom participate in a virtual event? CompleteRead More
"This picture includes a few of the many NSLI-Yians who I became very close to. We were wearing the Korean traditional clothing called hanbok/한복 at the National Museum of Korea."

Posted On August 14, 2017By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

From Basic Greetings to a Human Connection

Excerpts from an interview with alumna Bilqees, NSLI-Y South Korea, Summer 2015 Bilqees sought out opportunities to study Korean even before she knew about NSLI-Y. Early in high school, she started learning it online “on a whim” and later enrolled in weekly classes at a Chicago-area Korean-American Community Center. Bilqees learned about NSLI-Y in her high school Arabic class and was ecstatic to learn of the Korean language option. It is this curiosity and openness to new experiences that seems to have helped Bilqees develop her language skills as aRead More
Alex, Claire and Emily at the Swedish Film Festival

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An Unexpected Encounter

In October I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 5th Swedish Film Festival in Seoul, Korea. Over the course of the week I got to see six excellent films that embraced the theme of diversity in Sweden and in the world. Having lived in Japan and now Korea, one of the things I have observed is a lack of exposure to other cultures. People often base their knowledge of outside cultures on what they see on T.V. or read in books. Several of my classmates once told meRead More

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Project Based Learning in Korea – April 29th, 2017

On April 29th, 2017, three NSLI-Y students presented their winter break and final projects. Topics included Korean pottery, Sasang constitutional typology, and elderly poverty. After the presentations, the presenters asked questions from the audience about their time in Korea. If you were not able to attend the live event, we invite you to watch the recording! Click here to learn about the winter break and final projects. Click here to watch the Q&A. NSLI-Y Student Speakers: My name is Claire, and I’m from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. This fall, I will be attendingRead More
Isabella pictured with two friends

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Car Rides With My Host Mom

Since I’ve come back from my summer in Korea, I have been unable to properly convey how much the experience changed me. I could easily ramble off the list of facets that made my summer unique and unforgettable – the food, the culture, the city. What I remember most fondly, however, and what truly made my summer, was my time with my host family – more specifically, the myriad car rides I took with my host mom. What’s so special about a car ride? At the beginning of the program,Read More
Traditional Korean Building

Posted On March 9, 2017By Elaine HuangIn Korean

Being Korean American in Korea

My summer resolution was to return to the country my parents and grandparents call home and reconnect with my Korean roots through NSLI-Y’s unique language and cultural immersion program. Although aspects of Korean culture are still present in my everyday life, this past year I realized how detached I had become from the Korean side of my Korean American identity. I had lost the majority of my Korean speaking skills, could not write or read Hangul, and could not list South Korea’s most important holidays and traditions. My grandparents hadRead More

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Confucianism and Modern Education

Each month, the NSLI-Y program takes us on a “cultural enhancement excursion” to experience various aspects of Korean culture and help us think in new ways. These trips are always some of my favorite times of the month and each one has been unique and insightful. Our November cultural enhancement program took us south-east to a traditional village in Andong called “하회 마을” (Hahhae village). The trip was lots of fun and as someone who isn’t a huge city person, I really enjoyed the escape into the countryside where lifeRead More
Meal in America

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Through the Eyes of a Host Family: Chapter 5

Through the Eyes of a Host Family: A collection of interviews on what it takes to be a successful student or host family, language learning, culture shock in both Korea and the U.S., and many more topics. By Alexi, NSLI-Y Korea AY 2015-2016 Chapter 5: Advice from an American host family What advice would you give to foreign students who are coming to the U.S.? What makes the host student successful? 미국에 오는 외국인 학생들에게 어떤 조언을 해주고 싶으신가요? 어떤 것이 학생들이 성공적인 경험을 할 수 있도록 도와주나요? Willingness toRead More