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Picture of Q&A with all students on webcams
On February 22nd, 2017, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted the virtual event “Russian Language Learning Strategies.” Five current NSLI-Y Moldova students gave presentations in Russian to two Russian language classrooms in the U.S. (Baltimore, Maryland and Anchorage, Alaska). The NSLI-Y students shared about their lives in Moldova and how they maximize an immersion environment for language learning. After the presentations, the students in the U.S. were given the opportunity to ask the NSLI-Y students questions in Russian about their time in Moldova so far. Please support these impressive young scholars by watching their presentations and by sharing thisRead More

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Becoming a Family in the Kitchen

During my time in Russia, one of my favorite activities was cooking with my host family. My host mother was an excellent cook. I looked forward to every opportunity to cook with her as she made magic happen in the kitchen. The first time I cooked with her was also the time when I could feel myself go from being a guest in my host family’s home to becoming a member of the family. I was watching television with my sisters when Mom invited us into the kitchen to makeRead More
The host family experience can be one of the most nerve-wracking and intimidating elements of an NSLI-Y program. However, as Russian Summer 2016 students Alex, Michele, and Grace quickly discovered, Russian host families have a special knack for making students feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. After enjoying their host families’ warm hospitality in Moscow, these participants hope to bring some of those customs back to their families in the U.S. Alex: “Having ‘tea’ at my house in the U.S. will never be the same. I loveRead More

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My Trip to Moscow

The Russian language program through NSLI-Y has been a completely enlightening experience for me personally in respect to knowledge of other cultures, as well as to potential future studies and careers. The simultaneous language acquisition and cultural excursions in Moscow have broadened both my cultural perspective and my plans for my own life. One of the most valuable contributions to these revelations has been the visits with the host family. Studying abroad with a host family grants a unique experience of being able to understand the daily lives of theRead More

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The “Us” in Russia

For reasons I do not completely understand, I have always been drawn to Russia. After hearing my father’s stories of his travels to this foreign, faraway place and admiring from afar his wondrously painted Matryoshka dolls, I was hooked. I remember my utter delight as he gifted me my favorite, a doll depicting a princely fairytale. I gave it a place of honor on my bookshelf, and her amiable, motherly smile would be one of the last things I’d see before falling asleep, a constant reminder of the distant placeRead More

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Celebrating American Independence Day in Estonia

On July 7, NSLI-Y students joined U.S. Embassy personnel, Narva College and Tartu University staff, host families, and students from the University of Pittsburgh, to celebrate U.S. Independence Day in the Northern Yard inside Narva Castle. Despite the cold rain, everyone had a great time. Students had one-on-one time to talk with the Ambassador, who told them about diplomatic luminaries such as George Kennan and Charles Bohlen, and the experience of studying Russian in Narva-Joesuu. Elliott, the Resident Director in Estonia, took the opportunity to thank each host family for their hospitality.Read More

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Russia Beyond the Stereotypes

With so much media coverage of the current political situation, it is no wonder that many Americans view Russia in a negative light. Movie portrayals, news segments, and cultural stereotypes all contribute to a conception of Russia that often does not hold true once setting foot in the country. NSLI-Y Russia Summer 2016 participants Kaitlyn, Anna, Ashley, and Sarah found that life in Moscow surprised them in many ways, disproving more than a few expectations. Kaitlyn: “Before departing for this trip, I expected Moscow to be an entirely different worldRead More

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Becoming Part of a Community: NSLI-Y Student, Nick, in Moldova

After studying Russian for several years in high school, Nick wanted to take his proficiency to the next level. NSLI-Y seemed like the perfect opportunity, and he applied for and was accepted to the Summer 2014 program in Russia. His experience during the summer then inspired him to apply for the 2015-2016 Russian academic year program. Nick was accepted to learn Russian in Moldova, but this time his parents had some concerns. “At first my family was a little skeptical about allowing me to leave home for 9 months toRead More
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On March 14, 2016 NSLI-Y Interactive hosted a virtual event, “Moldova Through the Eyes of NSLI-Y Russian-Language Students.” Five NSLI-Y students who are currently studying Russian language in Moldova gave presentations about their experiences as language students, cultural ambassadors, and NSLI-Y scholarship recipients. All presentations and the Q&A were in Russian. High school students from Staten Island Technical School in Staten Island, NY and students from the Friends school of Baltimore in Baltimore, MD joined and had the chance to interact with and ask the NSLI-Y students questions in Russian. The NSLI-Y InteractiveRead More
A project completed by participants of the 2015-16 Russian Language Academic Year program in Chisinau, Moldova, implemented by American Councils Throughout the month of December, NSLI-Y students on the 2015-16 Russian language academic year program in Chisinau, Moldova, implemented by American Councils, met and spoke with a variety of locals at numerous locations throughout the city. In order to capture the heart of the city and the opinions of her residents, snippets and descriptions of these conversations are captured below, along with pictures of those interviewed, or the pictures ofRead More