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Claire pictured with her Korean language supporter

Posted On November 15, 2017 By In Korean

Re-Thinking Our Emotional State Abroad

Summer Highlights - Alumni Interactions with Current Participants
NSLI-Y Interactive not only describes the name of our blog, but also the sense of culture within the NSLI-Y community. NSLI-Y alumni interact with the community by writing stories on our blog, pursuing language and diplomacy academically, and supporting current participants. Read below some alumni interaction highlights from the 2017 Summer programs. Persian (Tajiki) On July 4th, the NSLI-Y Persian (Tajiki) students were fortunate to have an NSLI-Y alumni guest speaker. Richard Porter, a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, is a 2013 NSLI-Y alumnus and was in DushanbeRead More
Picture of the Taj Mahal

Posted On November 9, 2017 By In Hindi

My Indian Summer

Kate is an alumna of the 2017 Hindi summer program in Indore, India. She is originally from Big Sky, Montana. “Kate! Chalo!” My host mom calls from downstairs, using a common Hindi word meaning, “let’s go”. I grab my bag and run down the stairs. Knowing that we could be going anywhere, I have learned to always have a bag prepared with my raincoat (it’s monsoon season), a few hundred rupees (although my host parents never allow me to pay), my small notebook (filled with Hindi vocabulary), and a shawl toRead More
Michael and his peers at the conference
Michael is an alumnus of the 2017 summer Arabic program in Rabat, Morocco. He is originally from Leawood, Kansas. Last summer, for six weeks I studied Arabic in Rabat, Morocco with NSLI-Y. This experience helped me immensely in learning Arabic through immersion, and it broadened my worldview and provided me with insight into how other global citizens view the United States. Within the NSLI-Y program, there is much emphasis put on working with people to bond and share American culture and values while also learning about the culture of the hostRead More
Picture of the five students in their Hindi classroom with teacher
NSLI-Y Interactive is excited to announce the next virtual event of the 2017-2018 academic year featuring students on the Hindi program! NSLI-Y students are required to complete a certain number of hours of community service during the program. What does community service look like abroad? Five NSLI-Y students will share about their community service experience in India so far and will reflect on what it has meant to serve their local community. The event will take place during International Education Week, which celebrates the benefits of international education and exchangeRead More
Devon Parikh and his NSLI-Y group in Latvia.
Devon Parikh had the opportunity to participate in the 2017 NSLI-Y summer program to study Russian in Daugavpils, Latvia, where 95% of the population speaks Russian. He wanted to study abroad because he had only studied languages in the classroom, and he wanted to study and use Russian in real situations and have an immersive experience. Prior to NSLI-Y, Devon had signed up for a beginner Russian class in high school and did not know much about Latvia. He feels he progressed significantly in the language and improved his understanding ofRead More
NSLI-Y Chinese summer alumnus Matthew with his mom
While some parents are excited for their son or daughter to study abroad, others may be nervous. The student may be ready and eager to dive into a new culture far from home, but the parents’ concern is often focused on safety and security. NSLI-Y’s first priority is student safety and security; the program’s safety measures are outlined on the Parents tab of the NSLI-Y website. However, NSLI-Y was fortunate to receive several testimonials from parents and alumni that addresses safety and security on NSLI-Y. In the following videos, parents and NSLI-YRead More
Picture of Catherine at Grishko Dance

Posted On October 27, 2017 By In Russian

My Unforgettable NSLI-Y Experience

By Catherine Cata, summer 2017 NSLI-Y Moscow alumna, from Stafford, Virginia It all began at the JFK Airport when our group of thirteen in matching green t-shirts waited anxiously for the plane. I remember thinking before I got on the plane to Russia, “this is really happening.” It was going to be my first time abroad and I was anxious but excited not knowing what Russia held for me. When I arrived in Russia I experienced jet lag for the first time. I was confused if I was hungry orRead More