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Meenu taking a selfie along with her host family and NSLI-Y peer.

Posted On May 17, 2017By Signe KnutsonIn Arabic

My Summer Sojourn

A few months ago, I submitted a writing piece to the PTA Reflections Arts Contest in the Literature category. The theme for 2016-2017 was “What is Your Story?” What better story to submit than my summer in Jordan with NSLI-Y? It went on to place 2nd in the state (AL) and was featured in the Madison County Record, our local paper. Here it is below: Olivia’s phone blares with the signature iPhone alarm sound. I blearily open my eyes, squinting as the rays of bright sun peeks through the blinds,Read More
Opening view of "Day in the Life" simulation

Posted On April 12, 2017By Signe KnutsonIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Zhuhai: A Day in the Life

大家好!I’m Eileen and I lived in Zhuhai, China in the summer of 2016. My time on the NSLI-Y program was unforgettable. I returned to the U.S. as a more compassionate, confident, and independent person, unafraid to practice Mandarin and share my love of Chinese culture. To this year’s finalists: you’re in for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. I would like to share “A Day in the Life” in Zhuhai. In this short game, you’ll walk through a regular day as I wake up, travel to school, and choose where to eatRead More
Isabella pictured with two friends

Posted On March 28, 2017By Signe KnutsonIn Korean

Car Rides With My Host Mom

Since I’ve come back from my summer in Korea, I have been unable to properly convey how much the experience changed me. I could easily ramble off the list of facets that made my summer unique and unforgettable – the food, the culture, the city. What I remember most fondly, however, and what truly made my summer, was my time with my host family – more specifically, the myriad car rides I took with my host mom. What’s so special about a car ride? At the beginning of the program,Read More

Posted On March 16, 2017By Elaine HuangIn Russian

Becoming a Family in the Kitchen

During my time in Russia, one of my favorite activities was cooking with my host family. My host mother was an excellent cook. I looked forward to every opportunity to cook with her as she made magic happen in the kitchen. The first time I cooked with her was also the time when I could feel myself go from being a guest in my host family’s home to becoming a member of the family. I was watching television with my sisters when Mom invited us into the kitchen to makeRead More
The host family experience can be one of the most nerve-wracking and intimidating elements of an NSLI-Y program. However, as Russian Summer 2016 students Alex, Michele, and Grace quickly discovered, Russian host families have a special knack for making students feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. After enjoying their host families’ warm hospitality in Moscow, these participants hope to bring some of those customs back to their families in the U.S. Alex: “Having ‘tea’ at my house in the U.S. will never be the same. I loveRead More
Korean host family visits America

Posted On November 28, 2016By Elaine HuangIn Korean

Through the Eyes of a Host Family: Chapter 4

Through the Eyes of a Host Family: A collection of interviews on what it takes to be a successful student or host family, language learning, culture shock in both Korea and the U.S., and many more topics. By Alexi, NSLI-Y Korea AY 2015-2016 Chapter 4: Korean Host Family on Returning Back to Korea Post U.S. Trip, and Reflections What do you miss about the U.S.? 미국의 어떤 점이 그리운가요? Response 1: The thing I miss the most is the Hanover green and campus. Every morning we went to the Co-opRead More
Global Education Conference Announcement

Posted On November 21, 2016By Signe KnutsonIn Global

NSLI-Y and YES Abroad at the Global Education Conference

The Global Education Conference is an annual free, week-long online event bringing together educators, students and innovators from around the world. The conference seeks to present ideas, examples, and projects all related to international education and global competency. This year, the virtual conference event was held 24/7 from November 13-16, 2016. NSLI-Y and YES Abroad alumni, as well as the NSLI-Y Taiwan Resident Director, presented at the Global Education Conference on their exchange and language learning experiences. See below to view the recordings from their sessions: Host Family Experiences in Study AbroadRead More
Mayesha in her family's home in Tajikistan

Posted On November 15, 2016By Signe KnutsonIn Persian (Tajiki)

Sharing Cultures: Mayesha in Tajikistan

Mayesha Awal’s favorite subject has always been science. After an internship in a biochemistry lab the summer before her senior year, she became particularly interested in biochemistry. Her goal is to one day work in a laboratory and attend medical school. Along with her interest in science, Mayesha’s home life also sparked in her a passion for culture and languages. Her heritage as a Bangladeshi-American Muslim gave her a multicultural upbringing and exposed her to Bengali and Arabic. She has been very involved in the Bangladeshi community in her homeRead More

Posted On November 2, 2016By Elaine HuangIn Russian

My Trip to Moscow

The Russian language program through NSLI-Y has been a completely enlightening experience for me personally in respect to knowledge of other cultures, as well as to potential future studies and careers. The simultaneous language acquisition and cultural excursions in Moscow have broadened both my cultural perspective and my plans for my own life. One of the most valuable contributions to these revelations has been the visits with the host family. Studying abroad with a host family grants a unique experience of being able to understand the daily lives of theRead More
Mei with host family

Posted On November 2, 2016By Elaine HuangIn Hindi

16 Little Things I Miss from India

(September 11, 2016) The Hindi Summer 2016 kids arrived back in the U.S. almost a month ago, and that is unfathomable. I cannot even describe how hard it is to comprehend that fact, in addition to all of the amazing things I did while in India. Being back, it has allowed me to spend some time reflecting about my exchange there. I have realized that it’s the little things that I miss the most of that amazing country. 16 Things I Miss from India: 1. My extremely bumpy morning busRead More