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Picture of NSLI-Y students volunteering at local Chinese school

Posted On September 29, 2017By Ligaya BeebeIn Global

Summer Highlights: Community Service, Part 1

Community service is an important component to all NSLI-Y programs. Community service allows NSLI-Y scholars to build relationships with and give back to their local communities. Community service also provides an opportunity for NSLI-Y scholars to practice their target language skills. Below are some community service highlights from the 2017 summer programs. The NSLI-Y Chinese participants in Xi’an looked forward to contributing to their community right away through volunteer service at a neighborhood kindergarten. What the students didn’t know was that the planned activity for the day was an all-hands-on-deckRead More

Posted On August 18, 2017By Ligaya BeebeIn Arabic

Giving Back: An Interview with Nicholas Wade

Did your study abroad program change your life? Is just joining the alumni network not enough? If so, you can give back to the program by volunteering with implementing organizations at their pre-departure orientation or using your skills and experience in any other capacity. Contact your implementing organization for information on volunteer or internship opportunities! They are always looking for alumni to help shape the way for future participants by contributing to their organizations. One such alum who did just that is Nicholas Wade. Nicholas Wade is a 2016 Arabic SummerRead More
NSLI-Y China student participate in a community service activity.
Community service is one of the key components of each NSLI-Y program. Below are a couple examples of previous community service activities from some of the summer 2016 NSLI-Y China programs. Xiamen: Cleaning Up Xiamen University Campus To help raise awareness for environmental protection, the University of Delaware NSLI-Y students organized a “Green Drive”, one of the three planned community service activities on the campus of Xiamen University in July. The students, in five groups, helped clean up the central campus around the beautiful Hibiscus Lake. The “Green Drive” was highlyRead More
Catherine pictured at Amnesty Morocco.

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Interning at Amnesty Morocco

One of the most rewarding aspects of my time here in Morocco has been my internship with Amnesty International. In high school, I was part of Amnesty USA, so it’s been fascinating to observe the differences and similarities between two branches of the same international organization. I mainly make illustrations for brochures and social media, but I also help out with anything that needs to be done around the office: this can mean putting together paper lanterns, addressing envelopes, or putting up posters. Recently, I helped design materials for theRead More
NSLI-Y students in Taiwan volunteer to clean up a local beach

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Happy 2016 International Volunteer Day

Happy International Volunteer Day! International Volunteer Day 2016’s theme #GlobalApplause – give volunteers a hand, recognizes volunteers worldwide and all they do in making peace and sustainable development a reality. In honor of the 2016 theme, NSLI-Y Interactive would like to highlight some of the volunteer efforts of current students and alumni of the NSLI-Y program. If you have a volunteering story you would like to share, please submit your story here: http://www.nsliy-interactive.org/submit-a-story/ Pictured above: current students on the NSLI-Y Taiwan program spent a Saturday afternoon cleaning up a beach near theirRead More

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The NSLI-Y Journey Doesn’t End Here

Pre-Departure Orientations are a blur. Months of excitement and anticipation has built up, leading to a breakneck few days where you’re introduced to new people, new rules, and a new country. After the countless emails, web searches, and handouts, it is the tangible start to the NSLI-Y journey. My own PDO for Morocco in the summer of 2013 was jam-packed with dos and don’ts, trip itineraries, safety advice, and helpful vocabulary from iEARN staff and our Resident Director, to which my group responded with an unending stream of questions. WhileRead More
By Nilaya, NSLI-Y Persian, Tajikistan Summer 2014 My travel experiences in Tajikistan two summers ago with NSLI-Y inspired me to apply my knowledge of Persian-speaking territories to explore my interest of women’s rights. Last year, I decided to conduct an independent study project that consisted of over sixty hours of research on women’s issues in Afghanistan. As part of my research, I conducted a personal interview with Miss Naheed Samadi Bahram, the director of Women for Afghan Women, a civil society organization based in Afghanistan and New York which isRead More

Posted On April 28, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

The Long Way From Cairo to Canada

by Starr Brainard, NSLI-Y Arabic, Egypt Fall Semester 2009 I had the honor earlier this month to be a presenter in the “Coming Back, Giving Back” webinar  to talk about my experience working in environmental sustainability. As a high school student, I had the good fortune to be awarded the NSLI-Y scholarship to spend a semester abroad in Egypt to study Arabic my senior year of high school. From then on, the rest is history. I returned to Egypt in the years following my NSLI-Y experience for both study and work. I carryRead More
NSLI-Y Students help clean up trash

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2016 Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Today and always, let’s remember the importance of taking care of the planet!  Celebrate Earth Day and learn how NSLI-Y students and alumni saved this beautiful planet. Here are their special stories! Volunteering in Amman (October 14, 2014) The U.S. and China on Climate Change (April 21, 2015) Community Clean-Up (August 29, 2014)Read More
Alumni Presenters
On April 6th 2016, the NSLI-Y Alumni Association and iEARN USA hosted the “Coming Back, Giving Back: Using Your NSLI-Y Experience for Good” Virtual Event! This webinar is part of a month-long campaign encouraging NSLI-Y alumni to share stories of how they have used their study abroad experience to give back to their communities. It featured five speakers talking work they have done in immigration services, ESL, LGBTQ advocacy, working with under-served youth, and environmental research. The goal of the presentations was to not only celebrate the incredible work that NSLI-YRead More