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Snapshots: Religion in Moldova

 Take a look at some photos capturing NSLI-Y students and a few of their experiences with religion in Moldova.


Students visit a famous Eastern Orthodox Monastery in the village of Saharna near the Nistru river. The “Holy Trinity” Monastery of Saharnais is considered one of the biggest centres for religious pilgrimages in Moldova.


NSLI-Y students explored the grounds and learned about the history of this particular monastery as well as Moldova’s past. The area occupied by the monastery is also famous for its many waterfalls.


After visiting the monastery, students went on a hike to one of the largest and most famous of these waterfalls. It was a great time to take photos and cool off in the pleasant shade of the forest.


American Councils arranged a unique opportunity for students to visit the Old Believers’ Village of Kunich. The Old Believers are a religious group that broke away from Orthodox Christians in the 17th century due to a disagreement with church reforms and new dogmatic procedures. Old Believer communities are present in many countries around the world, including in Moldova, Russia, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.


Students were invited to visit the community’s church to further understand the religious practices of this group. The visit to Kunicha allowed students to learn about Old Believer culture while speaking Russian.


Gifts and experiences were exchanged with members of the community during dinner at some of the residents’ homes. After the feast, students enjoyed a performance of traditional songs by the Old Believers.

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