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Showing Appreciation for Teachers

NSLI-Y China participants started school just in time to celebrate Teacher’s Day with their new classmates.

Teacher’s Day was on September 10th, and all the Chinese kids do special things for all their teachers on that day like buying them flowers and cards and visiting old middle school teachers. Every day, they do this thing at the beginning of every class where the teacher comes in and says “上课” (begin class), then the class leader says  “起立” (stand up), and all the students stand up at their desks. Then the teacher will say “同学们好” (hello students), and the kids bow and reply “老师您好” (hello teacher). On Teacher’s Day, they also said “祝老 师节快乐” (Happy Teacher’s Day)  while they were all standing up. All the foreign kids also wrote their class head teachers a card for Teacher’s Day. The symbol for Teacher’s Day is a candle to represent the teacher because of the Chinese saying “Good teachers are like candles, consume themselves and burn bright for others.”

Emily, NSLI-Y China, Academic Year 2014-2015


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