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One Day in the Life in Morocco – May 2nd, 2015

On May 2, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted its fourth virtual event connecting four NSLI-Y students currently in Morocco with a large and diverse group of students, educators, and family members from all over the world.

The students gave presentations in English with interspersed usage of Arabic throughout the “One Day in the Life in Morocco” supplemented by authentic photos and videos providing vivid insight into the various elements of their experiences.


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Then, four of the NSLI-Y student presenters spoke on their chosen topics. Zoe began the event with a video capturing a typical day for her in Morocco. Meghan described the various cultural activities and excursions and Fatuma discussed the customs, traditions, and local cuisine. Lastly, Emily shared about host family life, Moroccan friends, and some hobbies and activities in which the students have taken part.


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Throughout and after the presentation, the audience had a chance to ask their own questions about topics, such as daily attire, making local friends, and future career aspirations. The participants enjoyed the unique opportunity to share their experiences, insights and multimedia while making a real-time international connection with an interested and engaged audience.


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Click here to view the previous virtual event with students on the NSLI-Y Russian Language Program.

Future virtual events will be scheduled in the following months and can be found here. If you are interested in participating in a NSLI-Y virtual event, please complete our interest form.

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