NSLI-Y Academic Year students celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Dinner at the U.S. Embassy’s Minister Counselor’s Home in Korea

For the second year in a row, NSLI-Y Korea students were invited for a Thanksgiving dinner at the residence of the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs of the Embassy of the United States in Seoul. On November 13, the students arrived at the Minister Counselor’s home with their Korean host siblings and classmates. The students’ excitement at being in a house similar to those back in the U.S. and at having a traditional Thanksgiving meal was palpable.

During the dinner, the students gave presentations to their Korean guests about traditional Thanksgiving food since many of their Korean guests had never celebrated Thanksgiving before. After dinner, the students discussed the history and culture of Thanksgiving, completely in Korean.

To view some of the students’ presentations, click on the following links:

Presentation on History of Thanksgiving (Korean): 

Presentation on Thanksgiving Foods (Korean): 

Presentation on Thanksgiving Traditions (Korean):

 Through this event, the students were able to celebrate this important American holiday tradition together, as well as step into their roles as cultural ambassadors and introduce their host families and classmates to Thanksgiving! 

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