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NSLI-Y Webinar on Online Language Learning Resources

On Friday June 5, NSLI-Y interactive hosted a panel of alumni who shared tips, resources, and strategies for online language learning and staying motivated during social distancing. The event included a panel discussion among NSLI-Y alumni about online language learning resources followed by breakout room discussions where webinar participants asked questions about the NSLI-Y program and online language learning directly and also brainstormed effective strategies to self-study a language during social distancing.

The panelists in this webinar were members of the iEARN Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality Abroad (IDEA) Committee which is a student-led resource for NSLI-Y students aimed at promoting inclusion and diversity within the program and supporting NSLI-Y participants inclusively and equally.

Register for the event at:

Meet the speakers: 

Ryan is from Westborough, Massachusetts and studied Arabic on the 2019-2020 NSLI-Y summer program in Rabat, Morocco.




Ellie is from Washington and participated in NSLI-Y’s 2018 Korean summer program in Seoul. 



Katherine is from Waukesha, Wisconsin and an alumna of NSLI-Y’s Academic Year program in Taiwan 2017-2018, and co-director of the Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality Abroad Committee.






Watch the recording of the webinar below:


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