National Security Language Initiative for Youth Interactive hosted a virtual event on April 26, 2021, which connected NSLI-Y scholarship students in Taiwan with U.S. high schoolers learning Chinese.

The NSLI-Y Chinese Academic Year students shared their experiences abroad in Taiwan and the insights they had into the culture and language with their peers in the U.S. through their photos and presentations. Students participating in this event practiced their Chinese listening and speaking skills through interacting with their peers who were studying Chinese in Taiwan. The event covered various specific aspects of life in Taiwan on the NSLI-Y program, such as living with a host family, studying Chinese, community service, and finding opportunities to immerse oneself in Taiwanese culture. U.S. high schoolers were able to ask NSLI-Y students about the NSLI-Y program, life in Taiwan, and Chinese language learning tips. The event was mostly in Chinese.

Watch the virtual event recording above!