Anna, Korean

Anna is a Korean Virtual NSLI-Y alum from Nevada. Anna enjoys language learning and hopes to use her language skills in a future tech career.

안녕하세요! I'm Anna (she/her), and I call the picturesque state of Nevada my home. When I'm not engrossed in a good book, you'll often find me sketching or painting. My fascination with languages knows no bounds, as I'm currently delving into Spanish, American Sign Language, and even trying my hand at Japanese. A close friend introduced me to the Virtual NSLI-Y program because she had a fantastic experience. She saw in me a fellow language enthusiast who could benefit from Virtual NSLI-Y.

What ultimately drew me towards Virtual NSLI-Y, was my interest in exploring a character-based language. This led me to choose Korean, a language whose script and culture I've come to adore through my love for Korean novels and K-pop. I believe that mastering Korean will open doors to new connections and contribute significantly to my future career in tech.

My Virtual NSLI-Y classes have been an absolute delight. My teacher radiates kindness and support—always ready to guide me through tricky pronunciations and fine-tune my language skills. Plus, the classes are dynamic, and my teacher always finds a way to keep us engaged and motivated.

One vivid memory that stands out from my Virtual NSLI-Y experience is the day we made tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes). It was a culinary adventure, as I had never tasted this dish before. The experience was outright delightful and surpassed my initial expectations.

Learning this lovely yet complex language came with its challenges. I remember finding it difficult to distinguish between the similar sounds characters in Korean make. It was a puzzle at first, but with practice and immersion, I gradually honed my ability to discern these nuances. Since starting the program, I've noticed tangible progress in my ability to form simple sentences in Korean. While it might seem like a small step, it's a significant stride towards achieving my goal of mastering the language.

To future Virtual NSLI-Y students, I offer some advice: Find fun ways to practice the language, like listening to music or watching movies in Korean. Remember to put in the effort and maintain a strong determination to learn. Learning a new language can be challenging, but persevere and keep your eyes on the prize. Build connections with your teachers and classmates, and never shy away from asking questions. Above all, cherish the learning process - it's a journey meant to be enjoyed!