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Emma by the ocean in Rabat, Morocco

Posted On June 26, 2020By Kyle SandmannIn Arabic

Unexpected Bonding with my Host Family

Emma is from Lakewood, CO and an alumna of the Arabic AY 2019-20 program in Rabat, Morocco.  Integrating into a new family can be difficult. I remember the first few days of living with my host family in Rabat, Morocco being stressful as I was trying so hard not to “mess up” or do something embarrassing while also desperately trying to build a relationship with the family I was going to live with for up to nine months. There was a lot going on during my first week in Morocco: aRead More
Brooklyn is from Los Angeles, CA and an alumna of the Arabic Virtual NSLI-Y Winter Cohort from January-March 2020. This past winter I was fortunate enough to participate in the new Virtual NSLI-Y program, which provides students the opportunity to learn less commonly taught foreign languages in an online classroom when travel is not an option. While many students are interested in learning critical languages, they are rarely offered in schools. This means that traditionally, one of the few ways to learn other than studying abroad is through self-study. SomeRead More

Posted On June 9, 2020By Kyle SandmannIn Chinese (Mandarin)

The Quintessential Chinese New Year

Stacy is from Pleasanton, CA and an alumna of the Chinese AY 2018-19 program in Beijing, China.  My host family’s hometown 彭水 Pengshui is the quintessential China of my imagination — a city built right in the thick of dark green mountains, perpetually blurred by a misty fog; a river running directly through the city, broken up by bridges that light up at night and reflect in the water; little buses or subways so people walking everywhere, ascending and descending countless stairs and elevated roads; shiny office buildings towering above theRead More

Posted On May 27, 2020By Kyle SandmannIn Global

NSLI-Y Webinar on Online Language Learning Resources

On Friday June 5, NSLI-Y interactive hosted a panel of alumni who shared tips, resources, and strategies for online language learning and staying motivated during social distancing. The event included a panel discussion among NSLI-Y alumni about online language learning resources followed by breakout room discussions where webinar participants asked questions about the NSLI-Y program and online language learning directly and also brainstormed effective strategies to self-study a language during social distancing. The panelists in this webinar were members of the iEARN Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality Abroad (IDEA) Committee whichRead More
Elizabeth is from Bethany, CT and participated in the 2018-19 Russian AY program in Moldova.  It was mid-January and I decided to make my host mother some American chocolate cookies. The gooey, oatmealy cookies that my family made at home in Connecticut seemed to have no parallel to the sweets that I enjoyed in Moldova, and my host mom, in my opinion, deserved to try them. So I pulled out the chocolate chips and the rest of the dry ingredients from where they were waiting in the suitcase under myRead More
Head shots of Shreya and Ryan
Ryan (NSLI-Y Arabic Summer Program, 2019, Morocco) and Shreya (NSLI-Y Korean Summer Program, 2018, Korea) recently participated in an Instagram Live interview on the NSLI-Y instagram to discuss the NSLI-Y Language Challenge, the NSLI-Y Interactive Story Campaign, and tips and resources for staying motivated for online language learning during social-distancing! This interview is part of a series of IG Live interviews on the NSLI-Y instagram (@NSLIY) to bring together NSLI-Y alumni to discuss various topics. Stay tuned for another IG Live interview in the coming weeks. Watch part of theRead More

Posted On May 13, 2020By Kyle SandmannIn Russian

NSLI-Y Russian Classroom Connection Event

National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI–Y) hosted a NSLI–Y Interactive Virtual Event on Tuesday, April 28 which connected U.S. exchange students who recently returned from Moldova with high school students learning Russian at the Friends School in Baltimore, USA. The NSLI–Y Russian Academic Year students shared  their experiences abroad and the insights they had into the culture and language with their peers in the U.S. through their photos, videos and presentations partially in Russian. Students participating in this event practiced their Russian listening and speaking skills through interacting with their peers who spent the better part of a year studying Russian in Moldova. The eventRead More

Posted On May 11, 2020By Kyle SandmannIn Korean

Learning Korean: A Virtual NSLI-Y Experience

Jennifer is an alumna of the Korean Virtual NSLI-Y Winter Cohort from January-March 2020. “Is it possible to become immersed in a language and culture online just like you can when studying abroad?” After my Virtual NSLI-Y experience, I can confidently say yes. It is an opportunity that has greatly impacted me and I am excited to continue my Korean language journey. During my VNSLI-Y experience, not only did I learn Korean language and culture, but I also made lifelong friendships and got to have a glance at the studyRead More
Chloe is from Herndon, VA and participated in the 2019-20 Academic Year Russian program in Moldova. Несмотря на то, что нашу группу в Молдове эвакуировали, одним из моих любимых дней (к моему изумлению!) был наш последний день в Молдове перед тем, как мы уехали в Америку. Наш отъезд, с моей точки зрения, был совсем сумасшедшим! Мы узнали про нашу эвакуацию в часов десять вечера. Я хочу указать, что мы узнала в пятницу 13 марта, что нам нужно было уехать домой. Какое совпадение! После того, как я узнала, что мы улетимRead More

Posted On April 30, 2020By Kyle SandmannIn Arabic

My Experience Learning Arabic with Virtual NSLI-Y

Julie is an alumna of the Arabic Virtual NSLI-Y Winter Cohort from January-March 2020. When my mom first told me about learning Arabic through Virtual NSLI-Y, I was quite interested; studying Arabic had been a dream of mine for some years due to the beauty and mystery surrounding its written form. After being accepted, I was looking forward to starting the classes and meeting new people. As I logged into Zoom that first day, I was filled with excitement and nervousness. Would I do well? Would my classmates and IRead More