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NSLI-Y Alum at NYC Networking Event

Posted On May 4, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Global

Alumni Representatives Work to Build Community

This year the thirteen NSLI-Y Alumni Representatives have been working hard to strengthen the alumni network and connect alumni from all generations of the program. Recently networking events have been held in Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta and DC, and there are several more planned for the coming months. In New York, alumni met in January at the iEARN USA office for a networking pizza party where they shared stories of their study abroad experience. Alumni first did a speed-networking activity where they quickly spoke with everyone else at the event toRead More

Posted On May 1, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

Six Years Later: Reflecting on My NSLI-Y Experience

By Katy, NSLI-Y Arabic, Egypt Spring Semester 2010 As a sophomore in high school, I was the young Hermione Granger of my Spanish class. Anytime a question was asked, my hand would shoot up over-enthusiastically and I was genuinely excited about grammar drills and new vocabulary. My Spanish teacher had been a missionary in Venezuela and would often tell us stories of her language struggles and cultural faux pas, with every tale emphasizing the importance of  living abroad. These stories and my love of languages inspired me to apply forRead More

Posted On April 28, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

The Long Way From Cairo to Canada

by Starr Brainard, NSLI-Y Arabic, Egypt Fall Semester 2009 I had the honor earlier this month to be a presenter in the “Coming Back, Giving Back” webinar  to talk about my experience working in environmental sustainability. As a high school student, I had the good fortune to be awarded the NSLI-Y scholarship to spend a semester abroad in Egypt to study Arabic my senior year of high school. From then on, the rest is history. I returned to Egypt in the years following my NSLI-Y experience for both study and work. I carryRead More
Alumni Presenters
On April 6th 2016, the NSLI-Y Alumni Association and iEARN USA hosted the “Coming Back, Giving Back: Using Your NSLI-Y Experience for Good” Virtual Event! This webinar is part of a month-long campaign encouraging NSLI-Y alumni to share stories of how they have used their study abroad experience to give back to their communities. It featured five speakers talking work they have done in immigration services, ESL, LGBTQ advocacy, working with under-served youth, and environmental research. The goal of the presentations was to not only celebrate the incredible work that NSLI-YRead More
Pictured are Ben and his students.
This story is part of the “Coming Back, Giving Back” campaign sharing how NSLI-Y Alumni are using their study abroad experience to make a difference. Submit your story today to [email protected]!  by Ben Guggenheim, NSLI-Y Chinese, Suzhou Summer 2014 I am constantly building on my NSLI-Y summer in Suzhou, China experience, and it is awesome when I am able to  give back to my community at the same time. Last year I was fortunate enough to receive the Rosenblatt Summer Fellowship Grant to fund my community service project, Gupeng’s ChineseRead More
Coming Back Giving Back NSLIY Promotional Pic
Looking for ways to use your language skills to give back? Want to hear about the projects and careers NSLI-Y alumni have done to make a difference in the world? NSLI-Y Interactive is proud to partner with NSLI-Y Alumni Representatives for Virtual Engagement to host “Coming Back, Giving Back: Using Your NSLI-Y Experience for Good” on Wednesday, April 6th at 7:30 PM (EST)! In this hour long webinar, we will be featuring presentations from alumni who have gone on to make a social impact in their communities through service projectsRead More
Community Service Russia
NSLI-Y Alumni have gone on to do incredible things in their communities and in the world. From working in interfaith dialogue, to fighting for international women’s rights, there are countless ways alumni have used their language and cross-cultural skills to make the world a better place. In celebration of Global Youth Service Day 2016, NSLI-Y is launching the “Coming Back, Giving Back” campaign to highlight service projects and careers alumni have undertaken to use their NSLI-Y experience for good. NSLI-Y Interactive is calling on alumni to submit stories about how theyRead More
Screen grab of the NSLI-Y promotional video

Posted On March 11, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Global

Alumni Talk About the Importance of NSLIY

Check out this video featuring NSLI-Y alumni from a variety of different programs talking about why the NSLI-Y program is important and what they gained from participating!Read More
This photograph, submitted by Joelle Bohringer, won the $500 grand prize in the Nicholas Sparks Foundation’s 2015 Student Travel Photography Competition. Joelle is a student at Boscobel High School in Boscobel, Wisconsin. At the time she took this photograph, she was living and studying in Pune, India, as part of an exchange program run by the National Security Language Initiative for Youth.
This reflection was written by a NSLI-Y Alumni featuring her first-prize submission to the Nicholas Sparks Foundation’s 2015 Student Travel Photography Competition. The original photo and caption can be viewed  here. By Joelle, NSLI-Y Hindi, Summer 2015, Pune I found out about the Nicholas Sparks Foundation competition because it was posted on the NSLI-Y Alumni page. I vividly remember the moment I took this photo. I was about 15 miles into the pilgrimage, and I was extremely sore and tired. I looked up and saw this man, who was much olderRead More
Screengrab from the virtual event.

Posted On February 16, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

NSLI-Y Taiwan Student Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

by Laurel, NSLI-Y Taiwan, Academic Year 2015-2016 Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays of the lunar calendar. Each year Taiwanese friends and families gather together to share barbecue and moon cakes. Enjoy this glimpse into an authentic Taiwanese celebration! The video is in Chinese, with English subtitles, and talks about the food and other traditions of this holiday. Laurel shared this video at the NSLI-Y Interactive Chinese Virtual Event in November 2015.  The recording of this event can be viewed here.Read More