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Environmental Sustainability
NSLI-Y students in Moldova, Jordan, India and Morocco spent the summer of 2018 doing various environmental community service projects in their communities.  Volunteering at the Botanical Garden   Students on the NSLI-Y Russian program in Moldova celebrated the 4th of July by volunteering at Chisinau’s Botanical Garden. Participants spent several sunny afternoon hours in the rose garden there, trimming flowers and cleaning up waste so that Chisinau residents and visitors can enjoy this beautiful local park throughout the summer.   Improving Facilities for Orphans NSLI-Y Arabic Students in Jordan joinedRead More
Summer Highlights

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Summer 2018 Highlights: Events with Local Peers

Highlights from the NSLI-Y 2018 Summer programs in China, Taiwan and Morocco. NSLI-Y Chinese Students Participate in Community Events NSLI-Y Chinese students in China participated in a basketball carnival with local high school students. The basketball carnival featured local high school teams, who competed against one other for a top prize: a game with the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) Shanghai team. NSLI-Y students also played a couple of friendly competitions with their Chinese peers.       NSLI-Y Chinese students visited a summer camp for elementary schoolers, who were soRead More
Working with Youth
Visit to a Local Orphanage In June, NSLI-Y students went with members of the Imam Ghazali association to an orphanage in a working class neighborhood of Rabat. While there, they played games with the students, including a riddle competition and a telephone game, painted a mural for the students, and put together a tea-time snack with traditional Moroccan pastries.   Community Service at Imam Ghazali High School NSLI-Y students completed their second session of community service early July by collaborating with the Imam Ghazali students at their high school. TheRead More
Alumni Interactions

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Summer Highlights: Alumni Interactions

NSLI-Y Korea A 2017 alumnus Anand Tyagi joined NSLI-Y Korea students for dinner in downtown Seoul. Anand is a freshman at NYU and doing his summer internship in a major Korean company in downtown Seoul this summer. He talked about how he has been continuing with his study of Korean and introduced his career interest and how NSLI-Y has been impacting his life choices so far.     NSLI-Y Korea In late June, NSLI-Y Korea students had an arrival orientation to prepare them for a safe and fulfilling Korean experience.Read More
21st Century Skills (Part 1)
Students Complete Individual Research Projects During the summer, the students were asked to choose a topic of interest and conduct individual research, including interactive research methods, and then present their findings to the group. With most projects featuring some sort of comparison between the U.S. and China, students’ research included topics such as the academic stress of high schoolers in the U.S. vs. China, gender roles in China, youth culture, and beauty standards. Based on the presentations, the students showed great improvement in their research and language skills.     NSLI-YRead More
Closing ceremony with fellow NSLI-Y students

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수료식 연설 (Closing Ceremony Speech)

Shreya is from Plano, TX and participated in the 2018 Korean summer program. I wanted to share a translation and video of the Korean speech I wrote for my program’s closing ceremony. While writing it, I reflected on the growth we’d all experienced over the six weeks and thanked the people who made it possible. The content of this speech sounds rather simplistic in English, but a lot of thought was put into each sentence! — Hello! My name is Shreya, I’m sixteen years old (in Korean age), and I’veRead More
Events with Local Peers (Part 1)
Tour of the City with Language Partners NSLI-Y students took a self-guided tour of the city with their language partners as part of a scavenger hunt. Students and language partners worked together to navigate the city, learn the transportation system, and start talking to people in Arabic. Here, NSLI-Y students Diana, Sofia, and Donia take a picture with their language partners near the fishing boats in the Bouregreg River.   Team Building Activities in the Harhoura Forest In June, NSLI-Y students met for the first time with the Imam GhazaliRead More
Posing with fellow NSLI-Y students

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Looking to the Future

Tanya is from Irving, TX and participated in the 2018 Arabic summer program in Jordan. I was always fascinated by Ancient Egypt since childhood and in 2013 when I visited Egypt with my family, the images from the countless books and History Channel became a breathtaking reality. This trip inspired me to apply to the NSLI-Y Arabic program and when I was accepted, I imagined having a similar experience to Egypt in Jordan. However, what I envisioned, quickly proved to be wrong. The experience of living with, studying, and eatingRead More