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Coca-Cola Scholars Banquet
On April 3, 2014, NSLI-Y India, Academic Year 2012-13 Alumna Maddie attended the Coca-Cola Scholars Banquet, which honored 150 nationally recognized recipients selected as “exceptional people [with a] thirst for knowledge and desire to make a difference in the world,” according to the Coca Cola Scholarship foundation. The banquet was highlighted by keynote speaker and former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, whom Maddie was given the distinguished honor of being paired with for the event. “I was recently named a Coca-Cola Scholar, and at the banquet held for theRead More
Jordan pictured with his host family
Jordan “Bliss” Perry initially applied to NSLI-Y in 2016 to study Turkish; however, when the Turkish programs were temporarily suspended, he was offered the opportunity to study another language. He chose to study Hindi because he saw it as the most challenging for him. He had also been dedicated to studying Latin and Greek and the Western classics, and his teachers had recommended that he someday study Sanskrit. He saw studying Hindi as a step in that direction. One thing Bliss cherishes from his experience in India is his hostRead More
Group picture of NSLI-Y students in India

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Reminiscing About My Summer In India

During my summer immersion in Indore, India, I encountered a sensory explosion of colors, scents, sounds and images that I would like to share. The crowds, hustle and bustle that surrounded me made an indelible impression. The richness and diversity of Indian culture has had an impact across the globe, in exoticism, cuisine, design and culture. I was fascinated by the people and their warm hospitality. New friendships were quickly solidified and welcomed to an open-minded young foreigner coming in their country to partake in their culture. The melodic HindiRead More
Hindi AY students share a meal with their teachers in celebration of Eid al-Fitr

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Celebrating Eid at Daly College

On July 7th, the NSLI-Y Hindi academic year participants visited the homes of two Muslim faculty members at the Daly College, their host high school, in celebration of Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, and means festival of breaking the fast. It is common for Muslim families to visit each other’s homes to celebrate Eid, and the NSLI-Y students were happy to participate in this tradition. At both homes, the students were joined by their language teacher, Dr. Rajopadoyay, who prepared the students with holiday greeting phrasesRead More
Mei with host family

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16 Little Things I Miss from India

(September 11, 2016) The Hindi Summer 2016 kids arrived back in the U.S. almost a month ago, and that is unfathomable. I cannot even describe how hard it is to comprehend that fact, in addition to all of the amazing things I did while in India. Being back, it has allowed me to spend some time reflecting about my exchange there. I have realized that it’s the little things that I miss the most of that amazing country. 16 Things I Miss from India: 1. My extremely bumpy morning busRead More
Thumbnail for NSLI-Y India Virtual Event

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First Impressions of India – October 17th, 2016

On October 17, 2016, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted the virtual event “First Impressions of India.” Three current NSLI-Y students shared their first impressions of India, as well as their Hindi language goals for the year. The students covered topics from host family life, to school life, to Hindi language learning. Also joining the webinar was a YES alum and current staff member for YES Abroad and NSLI-Y. Through their presentations, the speakers provided different perspectives on the exchange experience, as well as valuable insight for prospective NSLI-Y students. Please support theseRead More
Dancing on Independence Day in India

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An Unforgettable Day in India

August 15th is India’s Independence Day. I was lucky enough to get the chance to spend it as one of my last days in India at school. No regular classes were scheduled, only a program and a DJ dance party afterwards. I stepped on the bus dressed in full Indian makeup, courtesy of my host mom, ready to take on my last day in my host city, Indore. As apart of our cultural learning in school, we prepared a dance to the Bollywood song, Nagada Sang Dhol, and two HindiRead More
AFS IND Emeralds Class

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A Snapshot of a Day in Indian High School

Two weeks into her program, NSLI-Y Hindi summer participant, Lucy, reflected on a day at her host school. During the summer Lucy attended Emerald Heights International School in Indore, India. Find Lucy’s reflection below: About half of the NSLI-Y summer students…are attending Emerald Heights International School, a remarkable institution servicing around 4,000 students, both boarders and commuters. There are 52 busses that bring in children from the reaches of sprawling Indore, and the rest just walk from their dorms across campus. The campus is beautifully maintained by many colorfully deckedRead More
This photograph, submitted by Joelle Bohringer, won the $500 grand prize in the Nicholas Sparks Foundation’s 2015 Student Travel Photography Competition. Joelle is a student at Boscobel High School in Boscobel, Wisconsin. At the time she took this photograph, she was living and studying in Pune, India, as part of an exchange program run by the National Security Language Initiative for Youth.
This reflection was written by a NSLI-Y Alumni featuring her first-prize submission to the Nicholas Sparks Foundation’s 2015 Student Travel Photography Competition. The original photo and caption can be viewed  here. By Joelle, NSLI-Y Hindi, Summer 2015, Pune I found out about the Nicholas Sparks Foundation competition because it was posted on the NSLI-Y Alumni page. I vividly remember the moment I took this photo. I was about 15 miles into the pilgrimage, and I was extremely sore and tired. I looked up and saw this man, who was much olderRead More
Presley poses with a vegetable at a market

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Becoming Part of an Indian Family

“Presley Bibi:” Highlights from an interview with alumna Presley, NSLI-Y India, Summer 2015 At age 11, Presley moved with her siblings from her home in Indiana to Ghana, her parents’ birth country, where she lived with her grandmother and attended school for four years. She spent her free time watching many Bollywood movies, which sparked an interest in traveling to India someday. Fast forward to high school and an after-school program in downtown Chicago, Metro Achievement Center for Girls, Presley found her opportunity: NSLI-Y to study Hindi. Although originally selectedRead More