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This photograph, submitted by Joelle Bohringer, won the $500 grand prize in the Nicholas Sparks Foundation’s 2015 Student Travel Photography Competition. Joelle is a student at Boscobel High School in Boscobel, Wisconsin. At the time she took this photograph, she was living and studying in Pune, India, as part of an exchange program run by the National Security Language Initiative for Youth.
This reflection was written by a NSLI-Y Alumni featuring her first-prize submission to the Nicholas Sparks Foundation’s 2015 Student Travel Photography Competition. The original photo and caption can be viewed  here. By Joelle, NSLI-Y Hindi, Summer 2015, Pune I found out about the Nicholas Sparks Foundation competition because it was posted on the NSLI-Y Alumni page. I vividly remember the moment I took this photo. I was about 15 miles into the pilgrimage, and I was extremely sore and tired. I looked up and saw this man, who was much olderRead More
Presley poses with a vegetable at a market

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Becoming Part of an Indian Family

“Presley Bibi:” Highlights from an interview with alumna Presley, NSLI-Y India, Summer 2015 At age 11, Presley moved with her siblings from her home in Indiana to Ghana, her parents’ birth country, where she lived with her grandmother and attended school for four years. She spent her free time watching many Bollywood movies, which sparked an interest in traveling to India someday. Fast forward to high school and an after-school program in downtown Chicago, Metro Achievement Center for Girls, Presley found her opportunity: NSLI-Y to study Hindi. Although originally selectedRead More

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One Day in the Life in India – September 26th, 2015

On September 26th, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted the first virtual event of the 2015 – 2016 academic year, connecting four NSLI-Y students currently in Indore, India and an India alumna in live time with a large and diverse group of students, educators, and family members from all over the U.S. and even several other countries. The students gave presentations in English with interspersed usage of Hindi on the theme of “One Day in the Life in India” supplemented by authentic photos and videos providing vivid insight into the various elements of their experiences. Kate discussed hostRead More
Hindi Virtual Event presenters

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September 26th: “One Day in the Life in India” Virtual Event

Are you interested in learning about study abroad, language immersion opportunities and everyday life in India? Join the NSLI-Y Interactive virtual event on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 10:30 AM EST as five National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) students and alumni bring the study abroad and language immersion experience to life for you or your students through sharing their experiences as NSLI-Y students in India. Learn about everyday life and traditions as the students share about and discuss their lives in India and how they differ from lifeRead More
Humayun's tomb

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Learning Hindi and the Power of Language

By Stephanie, NSLI-Y India, Summer 2015 नमस्ते! Although this was my fourth visit to India, it was my first trip to Indore and my very first time learning Hindi. My earliest memory of India when I first visited 12 years ago was the consistent honking of cars and auto rickshaws. In my home state of Hawaii, very seldom do commuters blare their horns when driving and if they do, they are subjected to nasty looks and expressions from other drivers. I also wasn’t used to seeing cows and other animalsRead More

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NSLI-Y in the News: Indian Times Edition

AFS NSLI-Y students have quickly learned how to translate “celebrity” into Hindi. Last week, multiple Indian publications ran articles that highlighted the NSLI-Y experience to vast readerships. The students’ mission to learn a target language while integrating into Indian culture has been keenly embraced by the host communities of the students. The Indore Free Press ran a full-story that speaks about the NSLI-Y Program and its students. Check out these great press shots. (Below)     Additionally, The Indian Times, which has the highest circulation in India, ran a brief articleRead More
A NSLI-Y student reading a children's book to local schoolchildren.

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Language Exchange in India

On June 26th, NSLI-Y India summer students in Pune engaged in their first community service project, visiting a nearby Marathi medium school where they met 60 schoolchildren in the eighth grade, many of whom come from a nearby low-income community and are first generation school-goers. The NSLI-Y students were each placed with a group of four or five students to teach them some English. Within 30 minutes, the hall was full of noise, laughter, playing and games. Some NSLI-Y students read children’s books to their group, while others made up gamesRead More
Taj Mahal Trip

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A Hindi Goodbye to India

After a successful year in Indore, India, NSLI-Y Hindi students joined their End of Stay orientation in New Delhi before departing for the U.S. During their three day orientation, students shared their lessons and insight into Indian life, reflected on the cultural nuances between Indians and Americans, and met with U.S. Embassy and European Union delegates, in addition to cultural trainings. The orientation included a cultural night, which offered the students the chance to use the many skills they acquired during their time in country. The two clips below offer shortRead More
NSLI-Y Hindi students pose in traditional dress at the program's closing ceremony.

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The Wonders of Chai

By Sydney, NSLI-Y India, Summer 2014 If there was one constant during my six week Indian sojourn, it was chai. The heat, though relentless at times, stole away on cloudy nights, and eventually dissolved in the monsoon showers. The bugs made themselves known only when screen-less windows were left open, or the lights illuminated. The cows liked to hang out on provincial roads, and were rarely seen in the city, much like the road-roaming elephants that exist in my dreams. The chai, however, was everywhere. I fell in love withRead More

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Hindi Introductions from Students in India

A group of 5 NSLI-Y Hindi, Academic Year 2014-2015 students are learning Hindi for the year at the Daly College in India. In the video, they introduce themselves, describe what they like about India, and discuss their experiences – all in Hindi. The partially translated script is as follows: Introductions: Hayley: My name is Hayley and I am from Oregon. William: My name is William and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. Gerry: My name is Gerry and I am from America. Michael: My name is Michael and I am from America. I amRead More