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NSLI-Y Hindi students take a picture in their school uniforms.

Posted On November 12, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

Celebrating the Hindi Language

AFS implemented NSLI-Y participants are studying the Hindi language in Indore, India at the Daly College. They were recently interviewed by the Indore press in celebration of September 14th, Hindi Day. Hayley  shares her experience learning about Hindi and talking to the reporter. “I chose to be an exchange student in India because it gives me the chance to encounter the culture authentically, not as a packaged tourist deal. And though it is true that many Indians are fluent in English, I’m choosing to learn Hindi because it gives meRead More
Ariel and friend in traditional Indian dress.

Posted On October 21, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

Alumna Starts Hindi and Urdu Conversation Club at University

Ariel studied with NSLI-Y in Pune, India during the summer of 2011. Because of her experience with NSLI-Y in India, Ariel decided to apply to universities that had Hindi language programs. She was accepted to the University of Minnesota and decided to minor in Asian Languages and Literatures. Ariel started a Hindi-Urdu conversation club on campus to continue to practice language. “I started the club over a year ago now with help of the Hindi-Urdu professor, Dr. Sungok Hong. It was difficult to generate interest with students at first, howeverRead More
Dancing onstage in India.

Posted On August 28, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

Voyage into the Depths of Authentic Indian Dance

Nina participated in the 2014 Summer Hindi  program in India. While many are bedazzled by the intricate costumes and glittering jewelry, in India, study of the classical arts is taken very seriously. The commitment in the biggest dance companies and schools is similar to the rigor one would find in a contemporary or ballet dance company in the United States. Dance teachers are common both in rural and urban India, and because of this, the dance shows that result are stunning, heart-warming, and magical. Watching a true traditional Bharatanatyam showRead More
NSLI-Y Students ride in the bullock cart
On July 12, 2014, NSLI-Y students in Pune, India went to Baramati Farm, an NGO trust that works as a farm cooperative in rural Maharashtra. During the day they learned how the farm trust has worked to use cutting edge, sustainable farming techniques in an arid region. A branch of the organization also helps to support farmers’ wives in micro-finance efforts. Many of the women in Baramati make and sell spices in small cooperative groups while receiving small loans from banks. The students met with ten of these women whoRead More
NSLI-Y Students hold up their thank you notes written in both English and in Hindi.

Posted On July 9, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

Service Activities with Education NGO in India

NSLI-Y students in India took part in a community service visit at an NGO called “Vidya and Child,” which works to close the education gap for children belonging to the underprivileged section of society. NSLI-Y students and their host siblings visited the NGO and engaged in activities such as storytelling, playing games and teaching poems to the children at the NGO. The children taught the NSLI-Y students Hindi poems and dances. Throughout the summer, NSLI-Y students developed relationships with children by leading games, holding conversations and teaching them about AmericanRead More