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NSLI-Y students reading to kinder garden students.

Posted On February 21, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Storytelling to Kindergarteners in Korea

In addition to academic studies, NSLI-Y students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, from music lessons to cooking classes.  For students in the storytelling class, their extracurricular activity took them all the way back to Kindergarten! On February 10th, students culminated their storytelling experience by presenting their own stories to students at Sogang Kindergarten, a national kindergarten school near Mapo-gu, Korea.  Through creating fun and engaging children’s stories, NSLI-Y students developed their writing skills through the use of onomatopoeia, mimetic words, conversational phrases, and narrative techniques.  In addition toRead More
Students in front of Jeonju hanok village.

Posted On December 4, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Excursion to Jeonju

Students took a weekend excursion to Jeonju with their Resident Director from October 19-20. There, they stayed in traditional Hanok housing and were able to explore new parts of Korea while practicing the Korean they have been learning. Aside from eating the famous Jeonju bibimbop, a signature dish from the area that consists of white rice topped with vegetables and chili paste, they also took their turn in the kitchen. They got elbow-deep in the Korean culture by learning how to make the national dish, kimchi (a side dish made ofRead More
Thumbnail for video about the Korea Summer 2012 program.

Posted On December 4, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

NSLI-Y Korea Summer 2012

This video was made by the YES Center, the organization that helps run the NSLI-Y program in Korea, for the students who were on program in the summer of 2012. It shows photos and videos that were taken throughout the summer program, and, more than anything, how deeply they care about the students.Read More
Group of Students standing in a line at the U.S. Embassy Thanksgiving dinner.

Posted On December 4, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Introductions in Korean

On November 27, 2013, the NSLI-Y students were invited to bring their host siblings to the U.S. Embassy for Thanksgiving dinner. Three NSLI-Y alumni also joined the festivities and helped celebrate the holiday. After arriving at the American Center Korea, the attendees played a small trivia game about Thanksgiving and Chuseok. After that, they settled in for a delicious feast featuring traditional American Thanksgiving foods, like turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and more. The evening provided a great opportunity for cultural exchange, which the NSLI-Y students helped cultivate by delivering aRead More
Group of students standing in front of temple in Korea.

Posted On December 3, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Touring the DMZ

On November 16, 2013, the NSLI-Y students traveled with their Resident Director to the Demilitarized Zone. The students visited the 38th parallel in order to study and discuss the division of Korea, as well as to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. As part of the excursion, students were assigned to research the perspectives of Americans and Koreans on the division, which they accomplished by using their Korean language skills to interview their host family, friends, and teachers. While at the DMZ, the students toured Imjingak, the ThirdRead More
Paula posing with a group of people.

Posted On February 14, 0201By Signe KnutsonIn Korean

Intercultural Learning through Internships

Paula is from Libertyville, IL and participated in the 2014 Korea summer program. Although it’s been a bit since my participation in the NSLI-Y Korean summer program in Seoul, the love of languages it nurtured in me and curiosity about the State Department and other international exchanges it fostered in me have continued to shape my life three years (and counting!) out. Many people in the exchange community know that I try to keep my experiences alive with a social media presence about my language-learning journeys, as well as connectionsRead More