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Pictured is a whiteboard in a NSLI-Y Chinese classroom with characters, pictures, and pinyin depicted.

Posted On October 9, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Our Chinese Teacher, Our Queen: 姜老師

By: Christian, NSLI-Y Taiwan, 2013-2014 This post (written to you straight from a random classroom at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages) will describe what a typical day in class is like for iEARN Taiwan students. Every Monday through Friday, we have Chinese class at the Center for Chinese Language (CCL) from 10-12, and this is where a lot of our Chinese learning takes place. It’s a small room with white walls, a slightly frightening really old window, and a door. Our current classroom, the same classroom where our Chinese was born at theRead More
Mikayla, a student from the NSLI-Y Taiwan academic year session of 2013-2014, uses a hand-drawn illustrated video and her Chinese language skills to introduce herself and a little bit of her new life in Taiwan.Read More
Beautiful Chinese calligraphy from Elaine's summer experience.

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Dabbling in the Ancient Art of Calligraphy

Elaine participated in the 2011 Chinese Summer program.  Having previously visited China before my NSLI-Y trip in the summer of 2011, I thought I knew most of what China was about. However, during our rotating extracurricular lessons in class, I was blown away by one of our guest teachers. He was a calligrapher and artist, using the traditional inkstones, water, and brushes to make beautiful characters and true-to-life ink drawings. His work looked like the writing seen in books and TV shows, with the neat perfection and characteristic look ofRead More

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Changing Perspectives on Disabled People

As a NSLI-Y summer scholar in China, Nathan not only made long-lasting friendships, learned about the education system in China, and perfected his Chinese language skills; he showed people in another country what disabled people could do. Here, he shares why he applied for the program, some of the positive experiences he had and some of the challenges he faced in China as someone who is legally blind, and what he accomplished and learned while there. The best experience I had overall with this program just was a chance to show peopleRead More
NSLI-Y China students participated in a televised talent show that showcased their burgeoning Mandarin and choreography skills in front of a studio audience. The students have become so comfortable with their language abilities that they can now bridge the gap between Chinese and American media.Read More

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Campus Life in Changzhou

This short documentary captures campus life for five NSLI-Y students in the city of Changzhou, China, where they lived and studied Chinese in 2013-14. It follows the students from studying in class, to shopping, to eating, and showcases their Chinese abilities as they give a picture of a typical day in Changzhou.Read More

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Final Project from NSLI-Y China Summer 2013

Montana, Sam and Lela, NSLI-Y China, Summer 2013, practice their Mandarin as they guide you around their city.Read More
Katerina and her NSLI-Y cohort from China Academic Year 2013-2014.

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Goodbye Beijing, Hello HangZhou

 Katerina participated in the 2013-2014 Chinese Academic Year program. The theme of the week in HangZhou was innovation and culture in the ZheJiang province. We visited many temples and museums around West Lake, the featured part of HangZhou. HangZhou is an absolutely beautiful city during the spring, summer, fall and winter, although it was absolutely freezing and snowing while we were there. For every outing, we would also complete a short worksheet as a part of the friendly competition taking place during the week. We learned about HangZhou’s Spring GreenRead More
David and his host father drinking tea as a pastime.
Having now stayed with their host families for more than a month, NSLI-Y participants at Beijing No. 80 High School have grown more accustomed to the daily routines that accompany living with a Chinese family. Many of the participants have found that drinking tea is a great way to practice the target language and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture, as the calming pastime serves as a platform for lively conversation between tea drinkers. David, a NSLI-Y student originally from Virginia, has used this ubiquitous Chinese pastime as a wayRead More

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Live the Chinese Language

Nora participated in the 2012 NSLI-Y Chinese program in Taiwan. In this video, she documents parts of her daily routine in Taiwan. As she tapes, she labels items, places, and activities in Chinese, a useful tool she’s discovered to help her study the language.Read More