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Posted On November 3, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Turkish

Living Classrooms

In a recent excursion facilitated by AFS, students were able to experience Turkey’s exquisite nature and unique history During this time, which featured visits to cultural sites such as the Mausoleum of Atatürk, museums, and visits to sites of world renowned beauty, NSLI-Y Turkey students were exposed to the living classroom of their country. Sometimes words just aren’t enough. I have been asked the question ‘What is Turkey like?’ multiple times and I always struggle to answer it. It’s not that I can’t think of things to say, it isRead More

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Snapshots: Turkey

Get a glimpse into some of the things that NSLI-Y students have been doing during their time in Turkey.Read More

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Before and After the NSLI-Y Turkey Experience

Washington, D.C. native Emily Morin showcases her new Turkish language skills after participating in a 7-week National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program to Turkey.Read More

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Turkish Spa: Soaking in Tradition

Some of the NSLI-Y students recently literally submerged themselves in the Turkish culture when they visited a traditional Turkish bathhouse called a hamam. In Turkey, going to the hamam with friends is a popular way to relax and cleanse. As the NSLI-Y students soaked in the different pools throughout the hamam, they also practiced their Turkish skills with the locals. Think you might want to go to a hamam someday? Read below for a step-by-step guide: At first, you pay through a gate to access the hamam. Then, you store yourRead More

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Experiencing the Kindness of Strangers in Turkey

By: Amanda is a partipant in the 2013-2014 Arabic Academic Year program I think I realized how happy I am a little over a week ago. Last weekend my friends and I went to go walking in the nearby village of Pelitköy. The view was great, the food was even better, but what really made the day amazing was the company, specifically referring to the Turkish people we met throughout the course of a walk. After a pleasant interaction with the bakery woman who was very interested in our programRead More

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Understanding Islamic Bayram Celebrations

During October’s Bayram celebration, NSLI-Y students joined their host families in activities with revered cultural symbolism. Students learned about the significance of these rituals from their host families and participated in the festival with open minds. One of the Bayram Islamic traditions involves the observance of the story of Abraham’s sacrifices by preparing meat for the less fortunate. Although it was easy for them to identify the cultural differences, the Bayram celebration connected the students with the shared values of family, charity, and community. Bayram was a great new experienceRead More