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A group of students discussing the theme of "Face to Face: A Sino-American Student Educational and Cultural Dialogue" in a conference room.

Posted On September 23, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

NSLI-Y Shanghai Engages in Intercultural Dialogue Event

On July 15, 2015 the NSLI-Y Shanghai program students participated in the opening ceremony of a two-week event entitled “Face to Face: A Sino-American Student Educational and Cultural Dialogue”, where they participated in various educational activities and events with their Chinese peers. The ceremony featured a school design competition where students were divided into three groups: an all Chinese group, an all American group and a group of Chinese and American students together. Each group made a presentation in Chinese about the school name, mission, curriculum and unique features as if theyRead More

Posted On September 17, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Turkish

Exploring the Rich History of Iznik

Students participating in the NSLI-Y Bursa Summer Program with ACES arrived ready to experience the local culture. Fortunately for these students, a Turkish summer was not complete without a trip to the beach! On Thursday, July 30th ACES NSLI-Y Bursa students were able to combine summer fun and culture in their trip to the nearby city of Iznik in Northwestern Turkey.     The city of Iznik has a rich local history, and was the location of the Council of Nicaea. Students toured famous sites including Ayasofya Cami, the originalRead More
NSLIYians posting in front of a Chinese tourist attractions with cubed stones that have Chinese characters written on them.

Posted On September 17, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

A Reflection on NSLI-Y China

By Spence, NSLI-Y China, Summer 2015 我今年暑假去中国珠海市。我在北京师范大学珠海分校学汉语。我有很多美好的回忆,比如说去桂林,深圳,广州,和香港,跟我的寄宿家庭在一起,唱K,和我的语伴吃午饭,上语文课,上文化课,在雨中奔跑,喝奶茶,吃火锅,探索城市,在车上唱歌,看著名的表演,探访历史遗址,所以我做了一个短片,请你们看一看! This summer I went to Zhuhai, China, and studied Mandarin at Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai campus. I have many awesome memories such as going to Guilin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, spending time with my host family, singing KTV, having lunch with my language partner, language class, culture class, running in the rain, drinking milk tea and eating hotpot, exploring the city, singing in the car, seeing famous performances, and visiting historical sites. I made a video capturing these moments and I hopeRead More

Posted On September 14, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Russian

A Unique Mix of Russian Language, Culture and Ballet

The 2015 NSLI-Y Russian Language and Culture, RAF & Bolshoi Way Program offers a unique opportunity to its participants to acquire Russian language skills and cultural competency while enhancing their ballet skills through in-class language instruction, authentic cultural activities, host family stays, and ballet training at Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy. In addition to the more formal aspects of the program, participants gain first-hand knowledge of what it means to be a “cultural ambassador.” See participants’ responses to questions about their experiences thus far as cultural ambassadors in Moscow, Russia below. What has beenRead More

Posted On September 2, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Russian

Ambassadors Learning Through Friendship

This summer, Russian-speaking students in Latvia volunteered to meet the NSLI-Y Russian language participants at the Pushkin Program in Daugavpils for five days a week after classes to teach them songs, a Latvian dance, art, and a play based on a Pushkin fairytale. They organized different sporting events, prepared a lecture on typical stereotypes held by Latvians and Russians, and demonstrated folk crafts. Toward the end of the NSLI-Y students’ six weeks, the volunteers set up an orienteering course, combined with a scavenger hunt. The NSLI-Y students repaid them by teaching aRead More

Posted On August 27, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

Walking the Souq

By Hannah, NSLI-Y Morocco, Summer 2015 One of the most memorable aspects of my trip to Morocco was not any single outing, sight or moment but instead the feeling I developed towards our neighborhood in the last leg of our journey. For the last week of the program, all of the NSLI-Y kids living in Rabat and Marrakech joined together in Essaouira, a small beach town. Our hotel was located in the heart of the Medina, or old quarter of the city, at the end of a ten-minute walk throughRead More

Posted On August 25, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Russian

Exploring Estonia’s Professional Landscape with Russian

Students on American Councils’ NSLI-Y Summer 2015 Russian Language program in Narva, Estonia, began the program with varying levels of previous Russian language experience. While everyone could read the Cyrillic alphabet and count in Russian, engaging the language outside of a classroom or with native Russian speakers was an experience new to most. Over the course of the six-week summer program, participants interacted with native speakers in a range of settings. In the classroom, the American Councils’ academic teaching team from the University of Tartu’s Narva College guided each studentRead More
A group of NSLIY girls forming a flower with traditional Korean fans.

Posted On August 13, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Korean Culture Through the Arts

This summer, NSLI-Y Korea students in Seoul took part in weekly cultural clubs, where they learned the arts of traditional Korean music, traditional Korean dance, traditional Korean cooking, and Taekwondo. After coming together every Friday throughout the program, all four cultural clubs gave a final presentation at the closing ceremony. Traditional Korean Dance Club In the Traditional Korean Dance Club, the students learned the fan dance, which includes the use of two fans. Since the choreography is based on the natural environment, students had to work together to create flower,Read More

Posted On August 5, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Persian (Tajiki)

Dance Lessons and Bargaining Skills in Tajikistan

As part of the NSLI-Y Persian (Tajiki) summer language program, implemented by American Councils in Tajikistan, students compliment their intensive language studies with interactive events that help them apply language learned in the classroom to unrehearsed, “out of the classroom” situations. The 2015 NSLI-Y Persian (Tajiki) summer group has put theory to practice through several such events in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. They participated in cooking classes, conducted solely in Tajiki, and prepared ‘sambusas’, a cuisine staple in the Central/South Asia region. This event provided a wealth of cooking/kitchen related vocabulary, somethingRead More

Posted On July 22, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Russian

Bringing Russian Fairy Tales to Life

On July 7, NSLI-Y Russia students on the AFS summer program jumped into their summer of language immersion through learning traditional fairy tales that speak to the cultural values of the country. Students visited a “Fairy Tale Park” and used their Russian language skills to learn popular fairy tales that resonate in Russia. Participants learned and recited fairy tales in their target language in order to naturally practice their newfound skills.    Read More