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Posted On March 16, 2017By Signe KnutsonIn Russian

Becoming a Family in the Kitchen

During my time in Russia, one of my favorite activities was cooking with my host family. My host mother was an excellent cook. I looked forward to every opportunity to cook with her as she made magic happen in the kitchen. The first time I cooked with her was also the time when I could feel myself go from being a guest in my host family’s home to becoming a member of the family. I was watching television with my sisters when Mom invited us into the kitchen to makeRead More
Hindi AY students share a meal with their teachers in celebration of Eid al-Fitr

Posted On December 14, 2016By Signe KnutsonIn Hindi

Celebrating Eid at Daly College

On July 7th, the NSLI-Y Hindi academic year participants visited the homes of two Muslim faculty members at the Daly College, their host high school, in celebration of Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, and means festival of breaking the fast. It is common for Muslim families to visit each other’s homes to celebrate Eid, and the NSLI-Y students were happy to participate in this tradition. At both homes, the students were joined by their language teacher, Dr. Rajopadoyay, who prepared the students with holiday greeting phrasesRead More
The host family experience can be one of the most nerve-wracking and intimidating elements of an NSLI-Y program. However, as Russian Summer 2016 students Alex, Michele, and Grace quickly discovered, Russian host families have a special knack for making students feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. After enjoying their host families’ warm hospitality in Moscow, these participants hope to bring some of those customs back to their families in the U.S. Alex: “Having ‘tea’ at my house in the U.S. will never be the same. I loveRead More
The entrance of Changzhou Senior High School .

Posted On November 1, 2016By Signe KnutsonIn Chinese (Mandarin)

A Day in Chinese High School

Blog Excerpt: 09/08/2014 I’ve officially attended Changzhou Senior High School (常州高级中学) for a full week! Unlike most of the other NSLI-Y students, my host brother and I go to the same school, and we’re even in the same class. There are four Chinese language classes a day (approximately 4 hours worth) with the other NSLI-Y students, and for the rest of the time, we go to our assigned Chinese classes, where we’re expected to pay attention or do our own work quietly. Each of us is assigned to our ownRead More
Thumbnail for NSLi-Y Tajikistan Virtual Event.
On September 26, 2016, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted the virtual event “A Day in the Life in Tajikistan.” Four NSLI-Y alumni reflected on their experiences as Persian language students, cultural ambassadors, and NSLI-Y scholarship recipients. Each also presented on one specific aspect from their summer in Tajikistan (language learning, language practice, religion, and cultural differences). Through their presentations, these alumni provided invaluable insight on the culture, everyday life, and life as a NSLI-Y student in Tajikistan. Please support these amazing young scholars by watching their presentations and by sharing this story orRead More
Alexi and her host family at sea.

Posted On October 14, 2016By Signe KnutsonIn Korean

Through the Eyes of a Host Family: Chapter 2

Through the Eyes of a Host Family: A collection of interviews on what it takes to be a successful student or host family, language learning, culture shock in both Korea and the U.S., and many more topics. By Alexi, NSLI-Y Korea AY 2015-2016 Chapter 2: Thoughts on the NSLI-Y Program, Advice to Future Host Families You have now received three American students who went to Korea to study Korean… Among the things you have learned from these students, what is the most important and interesting thing? 한국에서 교환학생을 3명 받았는데Read More

Posted On September 22, 2016By Signe KnutsonIn Russian

The “Us” in Russia

For reasons I do not completely understand, I have always been drawn to Russia. After hearing my father’s stories of his travels to this foreign, faraway place and admiring from afar his wondrously painted Matryoshka dolls, I was hooked. I remember my utter delight as he gifted me my favorite, a doll depicting a princely fairytale. I gave it a place of honor on my bookshelf, and her amiable, motherly smile would be one of the last things I’d see before falling asleep, a constant reminder of the distant placeRead More

Posted On July 14, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic, Technology

Three Things Morocco Has Taught Me (Besides Arabic)

  It’s almost been a year since I left for Morocco with NSLI-Y. In that timespan I’ve been able to evaluate my experiences and recontextualize them into a broader picture. In that very same timespan I’ve also successfully pushed off and procrastinated on compiling all the footage I shot while over there until just recently. Being a glass half full kind of a person, I’d like to see my disregard for deadlines as a blessing in disguise, as I got the opportunity to relive the moments I captured on my cameraRead More
NSLI-Y Taiwanese students at their Christmas Party

Posted On January 29, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Global

NSLI-Y Students Celebrate the Holidays Around the World

We are excited to showcase the different ways NSLI-Y students around the world spent their holiday season. From performing Peking Opera in Beijing to celebrating with their host families in Taiwan, we know this was a holiday season our students won’t soon forget! NSLI-Y China, Beijing Academic Year 2015-2016 The NSLI-Y Chinese participants took center stage at their host institution’s annual Christmas gala on December 24th. The students not only performed multiple group routines, but also volunteered  to host the Gala and perform with Chinese students. The gala was completely inRead More
One of the most amazing things about studying abroad is that the ordinary things become extraordinary. Things we often see as routine, like eating a meal or going to school, can be totally different and vibrant experiences. They come with new customs, new rules to learn, and new ways of doing things. In our home country, commuting to work or going to and from school is hardly something that excites the average person. While studying abroad though, it can be a very different and valuable experience for NSLI-Y students andRead More