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Posted On February 12, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Singing and Dancing on Changzhou TV

On December 19th, NSLI-Y China participants gave memorable performances on live television in front of a studio audience, in order to celebrate their immersion in Chinese culture. The students displayed impressive talents in singing and dancing along with their ever-growing Chinese abilities. Makenzie enjoyed a moment in the spotlight when she sang a duet, a Chinese song entitled “The Wind that Shakes the Barley.” Her individual performance begins at the 2:20 mark.Read More

Posted On January 29, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Turkish

Exploring Turkey through the Video Lens

By: Noah, NSLI-Y Turkey, Academic Year 2014-2015 Living in Turkey means not only witnessing a historical wealth, but diving deeper into an ancient and complex culture. This video I made summarizes areas I have had the chance to explore on weekends during the first half of my NSLI-Y Experience. My narration spans the experiences shown, some useful vocabulary and local Turkish Dance. Noah presented his video and spoke about his current experience in Turkey to a live audience with three other NSLI-Y Turkey students during the NSLI-Y Virtual event “OneRead More
Tuhin and her host mom selfie while hiking.

Posted On January 15, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Hiking with My Host Mom

By: Tuhin, NSLI-Y Korea, Summer 2013 One of the most memorable memories on my NSLI-Y program in Seoul, South Korea was one day when I went hiking with my host mom. Seoul is a very metropolitan city that is highly technologically advanced. The pace of life in Seoul can quite often feel very fast paced. However, the day I went hiking with my host mom was very different and nice. Growing up in the Midwest for most of my life, I never have had any hiking experiences since the landRead More
Turkey virtual event

Posted On January 9, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Turkish

One Day in the Life In Turkey – January 24th, 2015

NSLI-Y Interactive recently hosted its second virtual event, featuring four National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) students on the academic year program in Izmir, Turkey. The NSLI-Y Turkey students made the study abroad and language immersion experience come alive for a sizable audience consisting of students, educators, family members and friends, sharing their experiences with learning the Turkish language abroad, attending school, living with a Turkish host family, eating the cuisine, getting from place to place and some of the hobbies and activities in which they have taken part. The students alsoRead More
Jonathan and classmates posing inside a bus on their way to Busan.

Posted On December 4, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Media Field Trip with Seoul Digitech High School

On November 20, 2014, two NSLI-Y Korea students traveled with their Korean classmates to Busan to attend G-Star, South Korea’s premier video game exhibition and one of growing importance in the video game world. Jonathan describes the trip: “At our school, Seoul Digitech High School, most students study video game creation by choosing ‘tracks’ such as programming and 3D graphic design. Therefore, the trip was an exciting chance for my Korean classmates to experience some new and awaited games before they came out and to see and better understand the gamingRead More
Taiwan virtual event

Posted On November 20, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

One Day in the Life in Taiwan – November 20th, 2014

In honor of International Education Week, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted its first virtual event connecting five NSLI-Y students currently studying Chinese in Taiwan with two Chinese classrooms in the United States. NSLI-Y Taiwan students gave presentations using their newfound Chinese skills on the topic of “A Day in the Life in Taiwan” for students at Boston Latin School in Boston, MA and the Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk, CT. The students each covered information such as host family life, school life, language learning abroad and at home,Read More
Beautiful Chinese calligraphy from Elaine's summer experience.

Posted On October 1, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Dabbling in the Ancient Art of Calligraphy

Elaine participated in the 2011 Chinese Summer program.  Having previously visited China before my NSLI-Y trip in the summer of 2011, I thought I knew most of what China was about. However, during our rotating extracurricular lessons in class, I was blown away by one of our guest teachers. He was a calligrapher and artist, using the traditional inkstones, water, and brushes to make beautiful characters and true-to-life ink drawings. His work looked like the writing seen in books and TV shows, with the neat perfection and characteristic look ofRead More
By: Sabrina, NSLI-Y Russia, Academic Year When I showed up for my first class in October, the people at the studio were so confused as to how and why an American ended up at this small studio in Kazan. At this studio, no one speaks English. And I, with my modest language skills, couldn’t necessarily articulate how or why either. Now, I go three times a week and I absorb new things like a sponge. I don’t think I’ve gone to one lesson without picking up new words, phrases orRead More