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Image from video - 2 people talking and saying "what is the sound of a sheep in Morocco?"

Posted On December 3, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

What Does the Sheep Say? Animal Sounds in Arabic

NSLI-Y students in Morocco practiced their Arabic and bonded with the staff at their school by comparing and contrasting the onomatopoeic sounds that different cultures use to mimic animals. For example, in the United States a dog says “woof, woof,” while in Morocco, a dog sounds like “how, how!” For more, check out: What Does the Camel Say? and What Does the Chicken Say?Read More
NSLI-Y student holds up sign

Posted On December 3, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

ABCs of Everyday Life in Morocco

NSLI-Y students in Rabat, Morocco created a video documenting their experiences through the ABCs–or rather, the “Alif-Baa”–of Arabic.  From describing the ornate architecture to popular Darija phrases, students used each letter of the Arabic alphabet to share about their daily lives.Read More