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Hindi Virtual Event presenters

Posted On September 25, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

September 26th: “One Day in the Life in India” Virtual Event

Are you interested in learning about study abroad, language immersion opportunities and everyday life in India? Join the NSLI-Y Interactive virtual event on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 10:30 AM EST as five National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) students and alumni bring the study abroad and language immersion experience to life for you or your students through sharing their experiences as NSLI-Y students in India. Learn about everyday life and traditions as the students share about and discuss their lives in India and how they differ from lifeRead More
A NSLI-Y student reading a children's book to local schoolchildren.

Posted On July 17, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

Language Exchange in India

On June 26th, NSLI-Y India summer students in Pune engaged in their first community service project, visiting a nearby Marathi medium school where they met 60 schoolchildren in the eighth grade, many of whom come from a nearby low-income community and are first generation school-goers. The NSLI-Y students were each placed with a group of four or five students to teach them some English. Within 30 minutes, the hall was full of noise, laughter, playing and games. Some NSLI-Y students read children’s books to their group, while others made up gamesRead More

Posted On July 15, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

Celebrating the Fourth of July in Rabat, Morocco

On July fourth, iEARN NSLI-Y Morocco students organized an Independence Day celebration. The students met a week before to decide the menu and were provided a budget to purchase the ingredients they needed from the local market and grocery store. They split into groups, including the public relations committee (creating flyers to invite other students at the language school), the guacamole committee, the hamburger committee, the corn committee, and the chocolate chip cookies committee. While at the market, the students practiced their Arabic by ordering the meat for the burgers, weighingRead More
NSLI-Y participants holding their certificates at the completion ceremony.

Posted On July 7, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Final Presentations for Students in Taiwan

On May 24, NSLI-Y Taiwan students gave presentations on their final projects at the 2015 iEARN Taiwan Project-Based Learning (PBL) Event. The students had started their final projects back in January, and after months of research, writing, meetings, and rehearsals, the students finally showed off the fruits of their labor. The PBL presentations were a culmination of all the students’ learning, experiences, and growth in Taiwan. They also allowed the students to utilize their language and cultural skills in order to delve even deeper into Taiwanese culture. In researching theirRead More
Photo credit: Marilyn Lehren, NSLI-Y Russian Language alumnus Dylan was spotlighted in an article on for his involvement as student representative on the Board of Education for Livingston, New Jersey. Dylan has strongly advocated for the inclusion of Russian as a new world language in the Livingston school district and us hopeful that such changes will become a reality over the next couple of years. Dylan currently attends Georgetown University as a student in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, where he plans to continue his Russian language studies.Read More

Posted On May 7, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

One Day in the Life in Morocco – May 2nd, 2015

On May 2, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted its fourth virtual event connecting four NSLI-Y students currently in Morocco with a large and diverse group of students, educators, and family members from all over the world. The students gave presentations in English with interspersed usage of Arabic throughout the “One Day in the Life in Morocco” supplemented by authentic photos and videos providing vivid insight into the various elements of their experiences.     Then, four of the NSLI-Y student presenters spoke on their chosen topics. Zoe began the event with a video capturing a typical dayRead More
Flyer for NSLI-Y Interactive Virtual Event.

Posted On April 29, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

May 2nd: “One Day in the Life in Morocco” Virtual Event

On Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, NSLI-Y Interactive will host be hosting the next virtual event with four National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) students in Morocco. During the live virtual event, learn about local life and traditions as the students share about and discuss their lives in Morocco and how they differ from life for teens in the U.S. Through photos and videos, the students will discuss such topics as what life with a host family is like, going to school, the cuisine, how they get from place toRead More
Russian interactive meeting.
On March 16, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted its third virtual event connecting five NSLI-Y students currently on the NSLI-Y Russian language program with two Russian language high school classrooms in the United States. The NSLI-Y Russian language participants gave presentations in Russian on the topic of “One Day in the Life on the Russian Language Program” for students at Staten Island Technical High School in Staten Island, NY and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA. The event began with introductions in Russian by students from each of the two high schools. Then,Read More
Group of NSLI-Y students posing on stage.

Posted On March 17, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Korean Class at Sogang University

Watch Dianely’s video about her Korean Class at Sogang University, which she describes below, above.  By Dianely, NSLI-Y Korea, Summer 2014 Summer of 2014, I took part in the NSLI-Y Korean Summer program, located in Seoul. I had learned the basics of Korean on my own, so one can imagine the excitement I felt to be learning in an actual class. I expected our Korean class to be a typical language class. Our class at Sogang University turned out to be one of the most wonderful experiences in my life!Read More

Posted On March 12, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

Hindi Introductions from Students in India

A group of 5 NSLI-Y Hindi, Academic Year 2014-2015 students are learning Hindi for the year at the Daly College in India. In the video, they introduce themselves, describe what they like about India, and discuss their experiences – all in Hindi. The partially translated script is as follows: Introductions: Hayley: My name is Hayley and I am from Oregon. William: My name is William and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. Gerry: My name is Gerry and I am from America. Michael: My name is Michael and I am from America. I amRead More