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NSLI-Y China student participate in a community service activity.
Community service is one of the key components of each NSLI-Y program. Below are a couple examples of previous community service activities from some of the summer 2016 NSLI-Y China programs. Xiamen: Cleaning Up Xiamen University Campus To help raise awareness for environmental protection, the University of Delaware NSLI-Y students organized a “Green Drive”, one of the three planned community service activities on the campus of Xiamen University in July. The students, in five groups, helped clean up the central campus around the beautiful Hibiscus Lake. The “Green Drive” was highlyRead More

Posted On November 2, 2016By Signe KnutsonIn Russian

My Trip to Moscow

The Russian language program through NSLI-Y has been a completely enlightening experience for me personally in respect to knowledge of other cultures, as well as to potential future studies and careers. The simultaneous language acquisition and cultural excursions in Moscow have broadened both my cultural perspective and my plans for my own life. One of the most valuable contributions to these revelations has been the visits with the host family. Studying abroad with a host family grants a unique experience of being able to understand the daily lives of theRead More
Mei with host family

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16 Little Things I Miss from India

(September 11, 2016) The Hindi Summer 2016 kids arrived back in the U.S. almost a month ago, and that is unfathomable. I cannot even describe how hard it is to comprehend that fact, in addition to all of the amazing things I did while in India. Being back, it has allowed me to spend some time reflecting about my exchange there. I have realized that it’s the little things that I miss the most of that amazing country. 16 Things I Miss from India: 1. My extremely bumpy morning busRead More

Posted On August 9, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

The NSLI-Y Journey Doesn’t End Here

Pre-Departure Orientations are a blur. Months of excitement and anticipation has built up, leading to a breakneck few days where you’re introduced to new people, new rules, and a new country. After the countless emails, web searches, and handouts, it is the tangible start to the NSLI-Y journey. My own PDO for Morocco in the summer of 2013 was jam-packed with dos and don’ts, trip itineraries, safety advice, and helpful vocabulary from iEARN staff and our Resident Director, to which my group responded with an unending stream of questions. WhileRead More