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Photo of a bustling street in India

Posted On August 21, 2018By Signe KnutsonIn Hindi

My Favorite Activity

Fiona is from Hamden, CT and participated in the 2018 Hindi summer program in India. Within minutes of landing in Mumbai, my intrepid NSLI students and I were treated with a musical greeting of vehicular communication. It is tempting to characterize this intercourse as the honking of car horns, however the use of such an umbrella term as, “car” would exclude so many of India’s outlandish and colorful modes of transportation. Indian roads, as we soon came to realize, are just as whimsically chaotic as the various tones of theRead More
Picture of a tram car in Morocco

Posted On September 29, 2017By Signe KnutsonIn Arabic

Tram and Transportation in Rabat, Morocco

Diana is from Chicago, IL and participated in the Arabic Summer program in 2017. I used walking, taxiing, and being driven as transportation throughout the summer, but taking the tram was always my favorite. Each day to school, I would walk about 40 minutes from my neighborhood of Agdal 1.8 miles to my school in Souissi. Although it seems like a long distance to walk, it was a great way to stay healthy, spend some time by myself, and collect my thoughts before each day. Occasionally, I would take aRead More
Traditional Korean Building

Posted On March 9, 2017By Signe KnutsonIn Korean

Being Korean American in Korea

My summer resolution was to return to the country my parents and grandparents call home and reconnect with my Korean roots through NSLI-Y’s unique language and cultural immersion program. Although aspects of Korean culture are still present in my everyday life, this past year I realized how detached I had become from the Korean side of my Korean American identity. I had lost the majority of my Korean speaking skills, could not write or read Hangul, and could not list South Korea’s most important holidays and traditions. My grandparents hadRead More
One of the most amazing things about studying abroad is that the ordinary things become extraordinary. Things we often see as routine, like eating a meal or going to school, can be totally different and vibrant experiences. They come with new customs, new rules to learn, and new ways of doing things. In our home country, commuting to work or going to and from school is hardly something that excites the average person. While studying abroad though, it can be a very different and valuable experience for NSLI-Y students andRead More
Thumbnail for NSLI-Y Taiwan virtual event.
On November 19, 2015, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted a virtual event with NSLI-Y students currently studying in Taiwan, and two classrooms of their peers studying Chinese in the United States. Students from Marble Hill School School for International Studies in the Bronx, NY and students from McKinley Technology High School in Washington, DC, heard NSLI-Y students share about daily life in Taiwan for a young American student and had the chance to interact with and ask the NSLI-Y students questions in Chinese.   Much of the NSLI-Y students’ presentations were in Chinese,Read More