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Students listen as others present their cultural explorers project

Posted On March 17, 2016By Ligaya BeebeIn Korean

NSLI-Y Korea – Cultural Explorers Project

The Cultural Explorers project pairs NSLI-Y scholars with Korean college students (“supporters”) to study a cultural topic of their choice. For two months each team worked very hard on their projects and were excited to present what they had learned. On February 25, 2016, NSLI-Y students and their “supporters” gathered for the last time to present their final presentations. This year many teams prepared videos to show their results. Below are just a few examples of the excellent work the students produced. The TTT (Temple Time Travelers) used the time slip concept where they went back toRead More
Screen grab of the NSLI-Y promotional video

Posted On March 11, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Global

Alumni Talk About the Importance of NSLIY

Check out this video featuring NSLI-Y alumni from a variety of different programs talking about why the NSLI-Y program is important and what they gained from participating!Read More
Screengrab from the virtual event.

Posted On February 16, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

NSLI-Y Taiwan Student Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

by Laurel, NSLI-Y Taiwan, Academic Year 2015-2016 Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays of the lunar calendar. Each year Taiwanese friends and families gather together to share barbecue and moon cakes. Enjoy this glimpse into an authentic Taiwanese celebration! The video is in Chinese, with English subtitles, and talks about the food and other traditions of this holiday. Laurel shared this video at the NSLI-Y Interactive Chinese Virtual Event in November 2015.  The recording of this event can be viewed here.Read More
Thumbnail for NSLI-Y Korea virtual event.

Posted On February 10, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Commuting and Transportation in Seoul – January 19th, 2016

On January 19, 2016 NSLI-Y Korea students hosted a virtual event sharing their experiences with Seoul’s transportation system. The audience was an enthusiastic group of NSLI-Y alumni, staff, family members and educators. Current NSLI-Y students spending the academic year in Korea made presentations about traveling around Seoul on foot and by subway and bus. In case you missed the event, we have featured below the full recording and several presentation highlights. The first group of students presented about walking around Seoul, the people they meet and what it is like to walkRead More
Deja and her Belgian friend after winning first place.
By Deja, NSLI-Y Taiwan,  Academic Year Kaohsiung 2015-2016 My friend from Belgium and I decided to perform a classic acapella, beatbox and singer hiphop duo. Every foreigner had to perform because all our Chinese classes had to. Outside of my class we also decided to perform individually because we had heard there would be a contest and prizes. We decided last minute on which songs we would perform and only practiced 20 minutes the day before. I also had to memorize two other songs both in Chinese that I alsoRead More
A group selfie of the Taiwanese hip-hop club.

Posted On January 26, 2016By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin), Slider

Hip Hop in Kaohsiung 嘻哈在高雄

[Editor’s note: NSLI-Y scholar Deja shares how her love of hip-hop helped her make new friends and understand youth culture in Taiwan. We are especially proud of her for her pro-active approach to making new relationships. The following story is in Chinese and showcases her excellent written language progress. An English translation follows below.] By Deja, NSLI-Y Taiwan, Academic Year Kaohsiung 2015-2016 (English translation below) 我來自美國的密西根。我非常喜歡跳舞。嘻哈就是我最喜歡的,這種美國方式的。我觀察到在台灣,嘻哈音樂很流行,連高中學生都知道。 在高雄有一個地方叫文化中心,我常常看到有很多年輕人在那個地方練習跳舞。我覺得文化中心是一個很有特色的地方。那裡不但是藝文活動和看演出的地方,也是年輕人聚會的好地點。我本來覺得台灣年輕人是因為嘻哈音樂在世界上很流行就喜歡。也許不太了解嘻哈的意思, 後來跟一些年輕人一起跳舞之後,才發現,原來他們是真的對嘻哈很了解也感到興趣。 我剛剛來到台灣的時候, 我很想念美國方式的跳舞,音樂和唱歌,而且我還沒有認識台灣朋友, 所以我覺得很孤單。當我的老師告訴我有關文藻社團的活動, 我很開心, 因為我覺得社團活動可以讓我多認識新朋友。在社團招募的時候,我看到很多唱歌的社團還有台灣式跳舞的社團。 我什麼社團都馬上報名, 因為我真的想要交朋友。 我最後看到的社團是一個breaking社, 讓我非常開心。在美國我會跳breaking, 而且breaking是很流行。我很好奇台灣怎麼可能有跳breaking的人。 我想如果我能夠認識跳breaking的朋友, 我應該會覺得很熟悉而感到安心。 第一次的社團練習上,我看到三個台灣男生, 他們跳舞跳得非常棒. 我主動介紹我自己,然後表達我想要和他們一起練習的想法。我告訴他們我在美國也跳breaking。那個男生非常客氣也有禮貌,邀請我和他們一起練習。這個男生是我的第一個台灣朋友, 他對嘻哈很有興趣。他告訴,他從國中的時候開始跳舞也接觸到嘻哈,嘻哈就像是他的生命一樣。 台灣人都很客氣, 從我來台灣到現在,我跟這些朋友的關係越來越好,他們也跟我有一樣的興趣。比如說嘻哈和breaking,我很高興我認識了這個社團,才有機會看到台灣的Bboy 和知道嘻哈帶給台灣人的影響。謝謝高雄。 下面有我聖誕節的表演照片跟影片。 I’m from Detroit,Read More
NSLI-Y Academic Year students celebrate Thanksgiving.
For the second year in a row, NSLI-Y Korea students were invited for a Thanksgiving dinner at the residence of the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs of the Embassy of the United States in Seoul. On November 13, the students arrived at the Minister Counselor’s home with their Korean host siblings and classmates. The students’ excitement at being in a house similar to those back in the U.S. and at having a traditional Thanksgiving meal was palpable. During the dinner, the students gave presentations to their Korean guests about traditional Thanksgiving foodRead More
Thumbnail for NSLI-Y Taiwan virtual event.
On November 19, 2015, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted a virtual event with NSLI-Y students currently studying in Taiwan, and two classrooms of their peers studying Chinese in the United States. Students from Marble Hill School School for International Studies in the Bronx, NY and students from McKinley Technology High School in Washington, DC, heard NSLI-Y students share about daily life in Taiwan for a young American student and had the chance to interact with and ask the NSLI-Y students questions in Chinese.   Much of the NSLI-Y students’ presentations were in Chinese,Read More

Posted On September 29, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

One Day in the Life in India – September 26th, 2015

On September 26th, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted the first virtual event of the 2015 – 2016 academic year, connecting four NSLI-Y students currently in Indore, India and an India alumna in live time with a large and diverse group of students, educators, and family members from all over the U.S. and even several other countries. The students gave presentations in English with interspersed usage of Hindi on the theme of “One Day in the Life in India” supplemented by authentic photos and videos providing vivid insight into the various elements of their experiences. Kate discussed hostRead More
Pictured is Paul having climbed the Great Wall of China.

Posted On August 5, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

NSLI-Y China: Climbing the Great Wall

NSLI-Y Alum Paul is the second of two winners of the NSLI-Y Interactive Academic Year 2014-2015 Language Story Contest. Congratulations, Paul! Paul, who hails from Akron, Ohio, spent a gap year in Beijing, China.  This trip being his first time abroad, he had many new things to explore, to learn, and to share.  If you ask Paul what the most amazing thing he did on his gap year was, he’ll tell you about his experience climbing the Great Wall of China.  He sees strong parallels in climbing the Great WallRead More