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Posted On May 30, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Campus Life in Changzhou

This short documentary captures campus life for five NSLI-Y students in the city of Changzhou, China, where they lived and studied Chinese in 2013-14. It follows the students from studying in class, to shopping, to eating, and showcases their Chinese abilities as they give a picture of a typical day in Changzhou.Read More

Posted On May 28, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Final Project from NSLI-Y China Summer 2013

Montana, Sam and Lela, NSLI-Y China, Summer 2013, practice their Mandarin as they guide you around their city.Read More
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Posted On May 23, 2014By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

Youth Debates in Morocco

By: Evan, NSLI-Y Morocco, Academic Year 2013 – 2014 This past week [March 30-April 2, 2014], I participated in the USA-Maghreb Youth Debates, a four day event in which university students from the U.S. and the countries of the Maghreb region [Tunis, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania] came together in teams of four to debate current political and societal issues. The issues were both international in breadth and specific to the Maghreb region, and took place in three languages: English, French, and Arabic.  The topics ranged from the theoretical, such as “FreedomRead More

Posted On December 9, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Live the Chinese Language

Nora participated in the 2012 NSLI-Y Chinese program in Taiwan. In this video, she documents parts of her daily routine in Taiwan. As she tapes, she labels items, places, and activities in Chinese, a useful tool she’s discovered to help her study the language.Read More
View of the sea on the coast of Tangier

Posted On December 6, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

Video Tour of Tangier

NSLI-Y students from the Morocco 2012 spring semester program filmed a video tour of Tangier during their program excursion. In this video, they visit the sites of Tangier, including the Kasbah, the Dar el-Makhzen Art Museum, the Straight of Gibraltar, the Souk, and the Petit Socco, and explain the historical and cultural significance behind each place.Read More
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Posted On December 4, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

NSLI-Y Korea Summer 2012

This video was made by the YES Center, the organization that helps run the NSLI-Y program in Korea, for the students who were on program in the summer of 2012. It shows photos and videos that were taken throughout the summer program, and, more than anything, how deeply they care about the students.Read More
Image from video - 2 people talking and saying "what is the sound of a sheep in Morocco?"

Posted On December 3, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

What Does the Sheep Say? Animal Sounds in Arabic

NSLI-Y students in Morocco practiced their Arabic and bonded with the staff at their school by comparing and contrasting the onomatopoeic sounds that different cultures use to mimic animals. For example, in the United States a dog says “woof, woof,” while in Morocco, a dog sounds like “how, how!” For more, check out: What Does the Camel Say? and What Does the Chicken Say?Read More
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Posted On December 3, 2013By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

ABCs of Everyday Life in Morocco

NSLI-Y students in Rabat, Morocco created a video documenting their experiences through the ABCs–or rather, the “Alif-Baa”–of Arabic.  From describing the ornate architecture to popular Darija phrases, students used each letter of the Arabic alphabet to share about their daily lives.Read More