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Posted On September 30, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Russian

Friendships in the Making in Moldova

On July 18, 2015, American Councils organized an event during which NSLI-Y participants studying in Chisinau, Moldova engaged in a bilateral language learning initiative with their Moldovan peers from the Access English Microscholarship Program. This unique opportunity enabled participants of two U.S. Department of State supported programs to come together in an environment that promoted linguistic learning and people-to-people diplomacy. During the event, students played language games, with NSLI-Y students speaking exclusively in Russian and Moldovan Access students speaking in English. The English ACESS Microscholarship program, which began in 2004, providesRead More

Posted On September 10, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

Day of Service in Rabat

By Arshia, NSLI-Y Morocco, Summer 2015 Students granted the NSLI-Y scholarship all around the world participate in many educational and community engagements as part of the immersive experience. The AMIDEAST NSLI-Y Summer Program 2015 in Rabat, Morocco participated in a community service project at a local orphanage. This was a chance for students to interact with young locals, practice colloquial Arabic, known as Darija, and engage with the local community. Students were given a stipend of the equivalent of $5 U.S. to purchase gifts to take to the orphanage. ArrivingRead More

Posted On August 31, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Russian

Volunteering With Russian Youth

NSLI-Y AFS Russia students had the opportunity to connect with Russia’s future during two-days at “Camp Loosh,” which roughly translates to “betterment.” Students used their language skills to connect with younger children through song, dance, and games. Many of the younger Russians had never met Americans before; NSLI-Y participants therefore had the opportunity to leave a lasting and positive impression of the United States. “These kids are so excited to see us. They were shoving food, gifts, bracelets into my hands and some of them (Маша, кола, Сергей и Елен) wouldn’tRead More

Posted On August 18, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Russian

Forming Strong Attachments in Latvia

“Here they come!,” shouts sounded from inside the bus, and from outside, tykes wielding half-bottles of green paint shrieked student names. “Сюда, Милли!” “Кэйла, ты со мной! Пойдём!” “Этикэс! Я тебя вижу! Мы красим, воттут!” By their third visit to the Приют, a children’s home in Daugavpils, Latvia, each of the NSLI-Y students had been adopted by different children, and were being claimed and often pulled to their places. During an initial tour on the first visit, the NSLI-Y students were subdued. Some were teary as they learned about the children inRead More
A NSLI-Y student reading a children's book to local schoolchildren.

Posted On July 17, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Hindi

Language Exchange in India

On June 26th, NSLI-Y India summer students in Pune engaged in their first community service project, visiting a nearby Marathi medium school where they met 60 schoolchildren in the eighth grade, many of whom come from a nearby low-income community and are first generation school-goers. The NSLI-Y students were each placed with a group of four or five students to teach them some English. Within 30 minutes, the hall was full of noise, laughter, playing and games. Some NSLI-Y students read children’s books to their group, while others made up gamesRead More
Brendan Ryan being interviewed at a local radio station.
Brendan Ryan, a National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) participant studying Chinese in Taiwan, has been named American Abroad Student of the Month for March 2015. Brendan, who hails from the small Mississippi town of Diamondhead, has quickly become an active and enthusiastic member of his new community in Kaohsiung, one of the largest cities in Taiwan. As a volunteer at an elderly care center, an interviewee on a popular radio program, and a guest speaker at a host family recruitment event, his enthusiasm for cultural exchange has been palpable. Brendan continually seeks out opportunities toRead More
Pictured are NSLI-Y Chinese participants at "coffee hours", a roundtable discussion between Americans and Chinese locals.

Posted On May 27, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Chinese (Mandarin)

Chatting Over Coffee in China

The Beijing American Center hosts a continuing series of “coffee hours” twice a month for American student volunteers to chat with Chinese students over coffee and snacks. Their goal is to increase opportunities that Beijingers have to interact with “real live” Americans, giving them chance to chat with students about their studies, time in China, life back home, U.S. culture and education, etc. in casual, informal conversation. These events have proven to be a great chance for Chinese people to learn more about the United States—and for U.S. students to continue their cultural exchangeRead More

Posted On May 7, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Arabic

One Day in the Life in Morocco – May 2nd, 2015

On May 2, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted its fourth virtual event connecting four NSLI-Y students currently in Morocco with a large and diverse group of students, educators, and family members from all over the world. The students gave presentations in English with interspersed usage of Arabic throughout the “One Day in the Life in Morocco” supplemented by authentic photos and videos providing vivid insight into the various elements of their experiences.     Then, four of the NSLI-Y student presenters spoke on their chosen topics. Zoe began the event with a video capturing a typical dayRead More
NSLIyians demonstrating their immersion in helping their host community.
The purpose of Global Youth Service Day (April 17-19, 2015) is to celebrate and mobilize the millions of young people who improve their communities through service. NSLI-Y students fully engage in the service spirit in order to give back to their host communities abroad.In Taiwan, NSLI-Y students participated in a community service activity in rural Cishang Township, Taitung. There, at a Cishang community center, the students had a chance to paint and eat lunch with a group of senior citizen women, whose ages ranged from seventy all the way to ninety. Prior toRead More
Nsliyians posing in front of a Korean Temple.

Posted On April 23, 2015By Nicole WeitznerIn Korean

Sharing Culture Through Volunteering

During their winter break, as a community service activity, NSLI-Y students in Korea went to the Mapo District Youth Center to volunteer with their after-school programs for elementary school students. Students signed up for the programs they were interested in, such as elementary school academy, cheerleading practice, and swimming. Not only was it a great opportunity for the students to give back to the Korean community, but they could also practice their Korean and share their culture with Korean children. Below, Mailiis, Emily, and Brady reflect on the experience:  “ForRead More